2 Chapter Release for Dec 19th

OrigamiFighter_cover01 - Full Ahead Coco V08 C61 - pg001Hey everybody! Got two more chapters for you all! First up, we’ve got our regularly scheduled, weekly Full Ahead! Coco release for you.

Then, we have the very first chapter of a new series that we’ve started translating, called Origami Fighter.
Written by Jhou Sian Zong, Origami Fighter is about a kid named Xiao Zhe who finds some ancient, magical, folding paper that you can fold into a genie. There’s also an evil organization that he’s fighting against or something? I’m not sure. Read the chapter and find out! :D


Full Ahead! Coco Vol 8, Ch 67:

Origami Fighter Vol 1, Ch 1:

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