New chaps of Sengoku, Black Dog, CM-C, and Coco

New chapters for March 7th, 2015:

Full Ahead! Coco Volume 10 Cover
Black Dog Volume 3 Front CoverChibi Maruko-Chan Cover [Volume 2]Sengoku vol04 Cover

After talking with Illuminati-Manga, we have decided to pick up Sengoku to finish off the 6 chapters of translations that they provided.  We probably won’t be able to continue the series beyond chapter 35 – as we don’t have a translator to work on this project at the moment.  Please contact us immediately if you can translate this series, or know someone who can!

Chapter 79 of Full Ahead! Coco is the first chapter to use Captain Crunch’s typesets – and for that reason you may notice some minor differences in the editing.  We have tried our best to keep it consistent.

Starting with this release, all future releases will take place on Friday night due to a new Release Administrator handling the upload process.

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Black Dog - Volume 03 Bark 11

Chibi Maruko-chan - Volume 02 Chapter 11
A Huge Flood in Maruko's Town

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 10 Chapter 79

Sengoku - Volume 04 Chapter 30
Two Great Men Collide


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