6 Chapter Release!

Hello everyone,

This time of the year has the staff at FoS quite busy, but our group has remained strong!  In what I would call an effort of supreme dedication to scanlation, we bring you…not 1…not 3…not even 5…no…SIX chapters of manga today!

We had originally intended to release as the birthdays progressed throughout the month of August, but numerous obstacles prevented us from doing that. Rather, we have now decided to release once a month, and celebrate all the birthdays of the staff on that day.  This new schedule will also give us time to gather more chapters and it makes things easier when there is only one due date, rather than 4.  Therefore, you should expect the next release sometime around mid- to late- September.

Happy Birthday to Kaeshion, Flowersofmoe, The Hime (Nadeshikohimesama),
and our banner maker, Yokoai!!!

Aug 31 Kaeshion bday Aug_25

Aug 22

We are releasing the following chapters, the mediafire link is below each:

V2 C6  Psycho Pass – Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane

V1 C9.3  Chibi Maruko-Chan

V8 C62  Hell Teacher Nube

V3 C17  Kochikame

V7 C52  Full Ahead! Coco

V1 C3  The Doraemons


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