April Fools Release and Birthday Announcements


Hello, hello, Forgotten scans here.
As you all know it is, was or is going to be April Fools day….BUT rest assured, this is not a joke but a real manga release of Chibi Maruko Chan and Doraemon (soon to come).

As well as today/yesterday/tomorrow being April fools day, it is also the birthday of the person who pretty much founded Forgotten Scans, Michael (MichaelJ96). Happy birthday and (I think this thank you only applies to me, but) thank you for whipping our lazy asses into what we are today.

Another birthday announcement for our proofreader, Lady Snow, who has her birthday on April the 12th, Happy birthday.

P.S. I really hope that April the 1st is your birthday and that you haven’t been tricking us into thinking that your birthday is on April the 1st when it really isn’t.

P.S.S. April fools.

P.S.S.S. Don’t forget that we are still recruiting and that no scanlating experience is required (You only need to meet the requirements, we can help you). Also feel free to leave a message/question on our chatango or contact form, we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

P.S.S.S.S. I have forgotten what I wanted to say…This is troubling…

Chibi Maruko Chan Chapter 9.3 | Download
Doraemon Chapter 146 | Download

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