New chapter of Full Ahead! Coco!

Full Ahead Coco V11 Cover



Today marks the beginning of volume 11 of Full Ahead! Coco!  What an exciting occasion!  Enjoy~

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And now, the release:

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 11 Chapter 88

Website changes and other news~

The FoS-Scans website can definitely use some improvement, don’t you think? I’ve begun my campaign to do just that, and the first thing that I tackled was the Donation Page, located here (link).

I hope to tackle other pages such as…

  • the About Us page, which says practically nothing about the group aside from a very basic description
  • the Join Us page, which is kinda…boring and it only covers the directions to join and nothing else about the group itself
  • the Kittybot page, which is very old and outdated…
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  • We hope to refresh parts of the website with new pictures… we can always hope, right?? ^_^
  • We are working to make more improvements to the Kitbot on IRC.  You can find our IRC details under “FoS Network Links” –> “Web IRC Chat” in the top menubar ^_^.  The Kitbot really can do a lot, but it’s still under development and so could be considered a very young little bot.  You can, however, pull up our release information with it:  simply say “kitbot fos_search [insert series name]” in our channel and it will return the most recent release for that particular series that you searched for :D
  • We have begun week 5 of our polls!  YuuMiik filled in for me this week and asked the question… what are your favorite genres of manga/anime?  Now I know that’s a very basic question, but hey, it’s really quite difficult to come up with a new poll every week!!!

New chapters of Sengoku, TRAP, and Doraemon!

Hey everyone!

I apologize for the delay, but we now have a new chapter of Sengoku to release!  For all of the T.R.A.P. and Doraemon fans out there, we also have a chapter for y’all as well!

This chapter T.R.A.P. was created together with our friends over at Misty Rain Scans, so be sure to thank them as well! :)

Please comment if you like (or dislike) this release:  feedback is something  that we really appreciate ^_^.

Thanks to everyone for the support!

Doraemon ScreenshotSengoku vol04 Cover


Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 197
The Making of a Television Channel

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 198
Plan Y

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 196
The Hypnosis Glasses

T.R.A.P. - Volume 03 Chapter 26

Sengoku - Volume 04 Chapter 31
Killing Space

First release for new joint project: Mathematical Girls!

Hey everyone!  What a way to kick off the weekend, eh?  Technically speaking, mathematical girls cover
this is not the original”Mathematical Girls” series, rather, it is the sequel called:  Mathematical Girls – Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems.  However, I thought that would be too long for the  title of this post…

This is a joint operation with Norway Scans, DKThias Scanlations and Mangaichi Scanlation Division!  Be sure to give them your thanks!

  • DKThias:
  • Mangaichi Scanlation Division:
  • Norway:

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P.S.:  More releases coming this weekend~

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Mathematical Girls - Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems - Volume 01 Chapter 02
Period 2: The game of pretending not to know


The first release of May!

Hey everyone!

This is the first release of May, and I am pleased to release 3 chapters of Doraemon, and 1 chapter of Full Ahead! Coco!   This concludes volume 10 of the series, and so you get a few extras at the end of this chapter :D


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Thank you, staff and fans, for all of your support!

Doraemon V11 coverFull Ahead! Coco Volume 10 Cover


Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 10 Chapter 87

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 193
The Legendary Sword: Lightning Bolt

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 194
Disaster Training Machine

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 195
The Sharing Gum

Weekly Poll, Week 3! “What is your favorite game?”


Weekly poll, week 2 is now over.

Here are the results:
There were 34 votes, cast by 10 voters!

The rankings are…

  1. The “FoS Private Anime and Manga Adventure” with 5 votes.
  2. Milan, Italy with 4 votes.
  3. Osaka, Japan with 4 votes.
  4. Hong Kong with 3 votes.
  5. I’d rather spend the money on more hard drives and a faster internet connection with 3 votes.
  6. England, outside of London with 2 votes.
  7. Everything else got less than 2 votes.

The new poll is up, go here:



Apologies for being tardy

Wow, we had a long-running streak of Friday releases, right?  I’m sorry that the schedule has been suddenly been derailed :/.  We will strive to stick to our conventional release timing, however, in some cases it will be necessary to have unexpected releases such as this one.


Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 10 Chapter 86

Hakaiou Noritaka! - Volume 08 Chapter 65
One More Knockdown and You're Out

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 09 Chapter 71
Huge-Busted Youkai, Nenekogappa

T.R.A.P. - Volume 03 Chapter 25

Atashinchi - Volume 01 No. 13
No. 13

Weekly poll, week 2!

Our first weekly poll was a success!

The question was… what is your favorite variety of cat?

There were 13 voters, with each person casting 1 vote.
The poll can be found here:

Each poll starts on Sunday (CST) and locks the following Sunday.

The results are as follows:

  • “All cats” won by 1 vote, with 3 votes total.
  • “Persian”, “Radioactive”, and “Undecided” all ranked 2nd place with 2 votes each.
  • “American Shorhair”, “Munchkin”, Siamese”, and “Russian Blue” all ranked last with 1 vote each.

The new poll for this week is “If you could go anywhere, where would you go?”, check it out here:

In this poll, each person can cast up to 5 different votes!  (This will make things interesting ^_^).

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Atashin’Chi, Black Dog, Hell Teacher Nube, and FAC

Atashin'Chi Volume 1 Cover

Full Ahead! Coco Volume 10 Cover

Black Dog Volume 3 Front Cover

Hell Teacher Nube Vol7 Cover

Hey everyone!  Today I am pleased to release several new chapters!  We have chapter 12 of Black Dog, chapter 70 of Hell Teacher Nube, chapter 85 of Full Ahead! Coco, and... to even my own surprise... chapter 12 of Atashin'Chi!  

Atashin'Chi was placed on indefinite hiatus a while back when we finally realized that the translator working on it probably wouldn't be returning anytime soon.  Then a few days ago I was contacted by one of my editors who expressed interest in translating it.  Captain Crunch and her friend Jien had actually already completed the translation for the chapter - she just wanted to ask that I bring it back from hiatus!  So here we are, after so long, releasing a chapter of a project that I thought would be on hiatus forever *_*.

For those of you who wonder what took us so long to release another chapter of Black Dog, I assure the reason isn't because we love to take random breaks for a month or two >_>.  The real reason is that one of our staff members took a vacation (and actually enjoyed the trip while taking a break from manga work like some of us fail to be able to do LOL).

I know what you are thinking...why does this group release so many chapters over the period of a few weeks but then enter into a cycle where releases are so devoid of variety?  I can only reason that this is simply the effect of staff in the group having cycles of productivity and non-productivity.  FoS does not hold back chapters for any sort of multi-chapter release.  Rather, chapters are "scheduled" for estimated release days that always lands on a Friday/Saturday time frame.  We cannot force any of our staff to work when they don't feel like it, so these normal cycles are just something that all of us have to cope with.  I am hopeful that over time things will even out, but because some steps of the process must be completed prior to other steps and because I am lenient with how long staff members have to take to complete their work, this situation is unavoidable in most cases.  However, on the bright side, FoS is in a cycle of consistently large releases... let's hope that it stays that way for a while :'D

About Baka to Test... I know that the project hasn't seen a release for months, but I am pleased to tell you that a new translator has been secured and that work is progressing well on the next chapter!  She is new to  translating, but I have confidence in her ability to continue work on this project where the past translator left off.  Thank you for your patience!

And now to the releases...

Atashinchi - Volume 01 No. 12   

Black Dog - Volume 03 Bark 12
Everyone Ain't the Same

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 10 Chapter 85

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 09 Chapter 70
The Carrying Monster

The Curious Case of Doraemon

Fans and staff,

Before we dive into my post, let’s take a step back….In case you missed the news, I discovered in late January that Doraemon is available at for the Kindle.  You can see the original post here:

Now that you know what happened…

TL;DR:  We will not be halting work on the Doraemon manga.

If you are unfamiliar with licensing, make sure you read this post first:  [Why did you drop this manga?]

When I learned that Doraemon was available on before this group was even formed, I was stunned.  I asked myself…why didn’t they contact us and ask us to drop it?  Like, seriously!?  Do these people even know what scanlation is and what that has been doing to their sales!?  In any case, regardless of the mystery behind situations like these, I decided that I should adhere to my policy of dropping any manga,  regardless of whether or not it was my favorite, that has been licensed.  Much to everyone’s dismay I announced my decision immediately and without much debate.  After all…why should I have double standards in my group?  Why should I spare only Doraemon from the fires of licensing?

The crutch of the problem was where should I draw the line?

In consideration of drawing the line, I have come to terms with the following points that can be universally applied to any project:

  1. To even consider the licensing issue, there must be evidence that…
    1. The manga is available for sale in the scanlators “home country”…
      1. The home country is the country that the group leader lives in.
      2. Legally speaking, the group leader will be the party held accountable for copyright infringement.  Other countries can hold the group leader accountable but that is only possible if the home country does so first (usually).
  2. To cover the various types of licensing situations…
    1. There are those publishers that have high popularity.  These publishers will pursue scanlators and hold them accountable.  Therefore if they announce that they are going to publish a manga in English we know that they will send a DMCA to any competition upon release of their version of the manga.  These publishers have a lot riding on their investment and they will do what it takes to protect that investment.  More importantly, perhaps, is that they are well aware of scanlators and they have experience dealing with the issue.
      1. Such examples include Viz Media, Orbit, among many others.
    2. There are more obscure publishers that add unexpected complications to the situation.  These publishers may have very little experience with scanlation (or not even know about it) and they may never send a DMCA to those individuals.  These publishers may have to convert the manga due to some contract that they have with someone else or they may simply attempt to make a profit off of this new kind of enterprise.  In situations where a defunct Japanese publisher needs to make a little cash they may auction off the license to other publishers and the license may sell to someone just now looking to enter this market.  In other cases the Japanese publisher may be looking to publish to a new format, such as a Kindle, and in that case they might seek out a company like Amazon to convert this manga for them.  Alternatively, the Japanese company might simply put the conversion on such a low priority that it gets converted in a low quality but in a quality that is “just good enough to make it profitable”.
      1. Such examples include Eleven Soul’s publication on the Amazon Kindle.
  3. The type of issue…
    1. Has there been email communication between you and the publisher?  If so, did the publisher demand that scanlation be stopped and links be removed for the series?
    2. Has the publisher not contacted you, but rather, contacted the file host for removal of download links?
    3. Has there been no action whatsoever by the publisher for the series?

There are as many situations surrounding licensed material as there are projects themselves.  The vast majority of these issues arise and the decision to drop them is clear when the licensee sends an email demanding that the scanlator stop working on the series.  However, when that does not happen and there is no communication between the licensee and the scanlator, things can become murky.  My *now defunct* policy of no-licensed-manga regardless of communication circumstances leaves no doubt as to my intentions:  I simply don’t want to face a legal problem.

In the case of Doraemon, the situation can only be described as “grey”.  After all, Forgotten Scans started releasing chapters well after date that the English version was available on Amazon.  Why didn’t they say something?  Do they really not care?  Do they think that Amazon shoppers won’t know anything about the freely available scans?  After all, to contact us the publisher merely needs to read our credit page in our scans, go to our website, and send us a message.  If they don’t want to talk to us directly, they could simply issue a DMCA to the file host to demand that the Doraemon chapters be removed.  This, in particular, has always amazed me: our file host has received DMCA’s before on our Psycho-Pass links, but we ourselves have never actually received a DMCA email about the chapters that we have on our online reader.

Because we never received any communication about the Amazon chapters, we never knew they were for sale.  Thus, like other manga that we have worked on before, we had no idea that the manga in question was licensed.  When I did discover this I was shocked and took immediate action.  After I announced my decision I realized how much this weighed on my conscience and I really did not like the fact that we were going to stop working on this series.  There are so many people out there, including me, who are huge fans of this amazing little manga.  Eventually I decided that there was no way I would be able to kill the very thing that we all enjoy so much without a very good reason to do so.  However, if we get a an email ordering us to stop work on this project we will have no choice but to stop.

Here are the deciding factors that has led to my current decision:

Reasons to drop Doraemon

  • The manga is being published in English.

Reasons to continue scanlation of Doraemon:

Group reasons:

  • The manga is great for new staff who have little experience.
  • The manga is extremely popular with many fans who enjoy reading it.
  • Everyone, including the staff, would be disappointed to the extent that they would be in or near a state of depression if we stopped working on it.

Other reasons:

  • The English version of the manga is not a straight-from-original-publication-to-English conversion:
    • There are many chapters that have been left out, and they have “completed” the conversion of the series a long time ago (thus there will be no more English releases).
    • The chapters that have been chosen are in no particular order – so we cannot provide a guide to which chapters are in which volume of the original Japanese publication.
    • The publisher has no actual remarks about how the chapters that they published are in relation to the original chapters.
    • The “new” version of the English Doraemon is in color and has differences that make it of no direct relation to the original material that we publish.
  • The publisher has not contacted us about Doraemon nor has it taken any action to stop distribution of the Doraemon scanlation.

Based on this point-by-point analysis, I REVERSE my decision to drop the series.
  If the circumstances change, everyone will be made aware of the new decision at that time.


Doraemon Screenshot

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