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Full Ahead Friday Returns!

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Hey there! Whoa! It’s been quite a while, folks!
It’s your main man VigorousJammer here, kickin’ it on a Friday afternoon, sipping on a nice, cold Pitch Black Mountain Dew (It’s the better of the two, so vote for it, god dammit!)

Anyway, yeah, I randomly had some free time one day and noticed there were some untouched cleans for Full Ahead! Coco, so I decided to start typesetting some more of it, and, well… here we are. Since I’ve now gotten back into the swing of things, I’ll try to have a chapter up every Friday for you, just like old times. For now, here’s Chapter 94, enjoy! :)

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 11 Chapter 94

April 10th Manga Release – Spittin’ Some Hot Fire!

img000001Full Ahead! Coco Volume 10 CoverDoraemon V11 coverAw snap! It’s release time again! It’s your very own rude, crude manga-DJ, VigorousJammer, here… on the ones and twos… spittin’ out hot fire! …and by fire, I mean MANGA, cause this week’s releases are so hot, they’re practically burnin’ up the joint! Aw yeah!

First up, we’ve got a whole truckload of Doraemon for you guys, with not one, not two, not even three… but SEVEN new chapters to feast your eyes on.

Then we’ve got the continuing adventures of Barts & crew with another new chapter of Full Ahead! Coco.

And for all of you T.R.A.P. fans out there, we’ve got another chapter of that rolling out onto the pitch (That’s a field, for all of you who aren’t up on your soccer lingo).

Check ’em out below, let us know what you think, what you like, what you hate, anything you wanna say. Until next time, I’ll catch you on the flipside!

– Jammer


Doraemon - Volume 10 Chapter 186
Nobita's Dinosaur

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 187
The "What if" Phone Booth

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 188
Robot Paper

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 189
Politely Kick Out the Unwanted Guest

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 190
Walking on Clouds

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 191
Werewolf Cream

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 192
Crank Up the Speed!

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 10 Chapter 84

T.R.A.P. - Volume 03 Chapter 24

Full Ahead Coco – Chp 82

SUP Y’ALL!Full Ahead! Coco Volume 10 Cover

That’s right, you thought I was gone, but i’m back! It’s VigorousJammah! AW SNAP, SON!
I got Full Ahead Coco an’ $&#% for you, what the #&*@ ?!

Check it out below, dawwwwwwwggggggz


Peace out,

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 10 Chapter 82


5-chapter Release – It’s Friday the 13th!

Hey there everybody, it’s Friday the 13th!

Now… don’t worry, there’s no 7-foot tall, machete wielding, hockey-mask wearing, lake-dwelling psychopaths running about. (…yet)
However, I do have a bunch of manga for you all. A full FIVE chapters, in fact!

First up we’ve got Chapter 28 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Definitely a fan favorite.
Then we’ve got Chapter 10 of Black Dog, which starts off Volume 3, and also starts off our use of the high-quality raws that we’ve acquired for it, scanned in by our very own RadioactiveKitty.
Next we’ve got Chapter 10 of Chibi Maruko-chan. That’s two chapter-10’s back-to-back, and both are the start of a new volume. How funny.
Of course, we’ve got your regularly-scheduled chapter of Full Ahead! Coco, Chapter 76.
And last but not least, we’ve got another chapter of Origami Fighter for you all! :D

Hope you all enjoy these chapters, and try not to have any bad luck today!


Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Volume 06 Question 28
Question 28

Black Dog Volume 3 Front Cover
Black Dog - Volume 03 Bark 10
Counting Down to Exodus

Chibi Maruko-chan - Volume 02 Chapter 10
It's the Parent-Teacher Conference!

01 - Full-Ahead-Coco-V09-C70---001 - Copy
Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 09 Chapter 76

Origami Fighter - Volume 01 Chapter 02
Red Dragon

4-chapter Release: Black Dog, Doraemon, and Full Ahead! Coco – 200th Chapter!!

200 release

Hey there, everyone! I’ve got a handful of chapters here for you all. Four, to be precise.

First up is the 9th chapter of Black Dog, which finishes off Volume 2. For those of you who have been following our difficulties with cleaning this manga due to watermarks that were placed on the raw scans. However, you should be glad to hear that those difficulties are over! Going forward, starting next chapter, we have high quality raws that have been scanned in by our very own, RadioactiveKitty. This should speed up the scanlation process as well, which means Black Dog should be seeing more frequent releases.

Next up, we’ve got a double-dose of Doraemon, with Chapters 184 and 185. There’s still one more chapter before the end of Volume 10, so look forward to that as well.

Finally, we’ve got this week’s chapter of Full Ahead! Coco, chapter 75, which continues the story in Volume 9.

It should be noted, as well, that these four chapters count as the 200th – 203rd chapters we’ve released since the group’s inception! Woo-hoo! Aw yeah! Cheers! かんぱい!This is a pretty big milestone for us. Here’s to the finest crew in Starflee– I mean… Scanlation. And here’s to 200 chapters more!


Black Dog - Volume 02 Bark 09
Let There Be Blood

Doraemon - Volume 10 Chapter 184
Human Radio Control

Doraemon - Volume 10 Chapter 185
Speed Clock

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 09 Chapter 75

Today’s Release: Full Ahead! Coco

Hey there, everybody! Happy Friday!
The weekend is here once again, and I’ve got a chapter for you guys, hot off the… presses… of Photoshop… or whatever. (it sounded better before I said it okay? >__< )

Below we’ve got chapter 74 of Full Ahead! Coco, which continues the story in volume 9.

On another note, some of you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some re-modeling around here. Specifically, we’ve adopted a new system for our project pages that looks better than before, and has a more streamlined back-end that will allow us to more easily and more quickly update those pages than before.

Along with this update, we also decided to set up a MEGA account to host direct downloads. This was initially sparked by MediaFire giving one of our editors a bit of trouble (That editor being me, VigorousJammer). The plan was initially to move all of the files from MediaFire to MEGA, however, in the end, we decided that we would keep both accounts and simply use MEGA as the primary account, with MediaFire acting as a mirror, as you can see from the multiple download links below.

We still ended up moving all of the files over to MEGA, and along with the move, came a great re-organizing. Our file names in the past have been somewhat disorganized and scatter-shot, but now that all of the file names have been standardized, it should be easier to keep things consistent, going forward.

However, re-naming the files isn’t the only bit of organizing that has been done. I’ve got some good news for those of you that use e-comic reading programs such as ComicRack or ComicBookLover, I’ve gone through all of our old files and added metadata to them all (aside from webcomics like Good Robot or Chaos Attack). Things such as original release dates, chapter titles, authors, artists, publishers, page ordering, and more are now all embedded into an .xml file within every release that we’ve ever put out. This makes organizing these files in your reader of choice much easier, and is just one small way we strive to bring you higher quality scanlation releases.

Hope you all enjoy today’s releases, as well as this new step forward for Forgotten-Scans.


Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 09 Chapter 74
Joint Struggle

2-Chapter Release: Bowling King & Hell Teacher Nube

Well hiya heya howdy howdy!
That’s my new southern-style greeting, and below there’s two new chapters to go along with it.

Today we’ve got the start of two new volumes for all of you. First up is chapter 200 of Bowling King which marks the start of Volume 20, and Chapter 69 of Hell Teacher Nube, which marks the start of Volume 9.

Hope you enjoy them both! If you did, feel free to leave a comment below, we love to hear from you all. ^_^


Bowling King V20 C200

Hell Teacher Nube V9 C69

4-chapter release for January 21, 2015

Hey there everyone!
So, I’ve got four chapters of Doraemon here for you all. They’re all currently up and viewable on our Online Reader.

However, Mediafire has been acting weird today, after I log in on their site I’ve been having trouble loading any folders, let alone trying to uploading anything to them. Thus, there unfortunately aren’t currently any direct downloads available for these chapters. Whenever Mediafire gets back in working order I’ll update this post, but for now the only way to view these chapters is online.

Sorry for the inconvenience! As Iwata commonly says: “Please Understand”


Update: Direct downloads are now online. Enjoy! :)

Doraemon V10 C180

Doraemon V10 C181

Doraemon V10 C182

Doraemon V10 C183

Chapter release for January 16th, 2015

Another Friday, and another chapter of Coco for you all to feast your eyes upon.

Also, we’re looking for some new recruits to join up and help us out. Currently, we’ve got translations going all the way up to Chapter 190, but due to the amount of time it takes to clean & typeset a chapter (and the fact that I’m currently the only one working on that), we’ve only been able to release one chapter per-week. If we had more people on the project we could release two or maybe even three chapters per-week! So, if you’ve got some free time and would like to help us get these chapters out more quickly, fill out the form on the recruitment page to join up!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this week’s offering! :D


Full Ahead! Coco V09 C72

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