Birthday Banzai

Hey guys, it’s Harllama, and today I’m bringing you 5 new chapters! That’s right, 5! Now, you may be wondering what brought on this wonderful surprise. Well, you see… *drum roll* It’s Flo’s birthday today! That’s right, the one and only Flowersofmoe! Make sure to wish this wonderful worker a happy birthday; she’s done so much for our group, and we’re truly happy to have her.

Anyways, onto the releases! This time, we have 2 chapters of Atashinchi, 2 chapters of Bowling King, and 1 chapter of Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, a new joint we have with Misty Rain Scans! Make sure to check it all out!

Love, Harllama!

P.S. Happy birthday Flo! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Atashinchi - Volume 02 No. 19   

Atashinchi - Volume 02 No. 20   

Bowling King - Volume 20 Chapter 210   

Bowling King - Volume 20 Chapter 211   

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword - Volume 25 Chapter 94
The Force of Black and White

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