Who Misses Their Chibi Days?

I certainly do.

This week we have a lineup of Chibi Maruko-Chan, Mathematical Girls, and Full Ahead Coco! We wanted to release Baka to Test, but there are a few problems with it. Hopefully it’ll be released next week. There’s also a problem with chapter 203 of Doraemon, and we hope to fix it soon and re-release it either next week or later in the future.

We’re recruiting! Click here to learn more. We especially need translators–either French, Japanese, Chinese, or Japanese. Preferably Japanese. But all other positions are welcome. :D

For many of us, school has started once again, and we’re pretty tired from all the homework and tests and whatnot… so send us some good vibes by leaving a comment! Visit our forum and chat with us because we get lonely from time to time. Explore our website and read our other releases.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Yours Truly,

Flowersofmoe and the FoS Staff

Chibi Maruko-chan - Volume 02 Chapter 13
Otousan wa Shinpaishou x Chibi Maruko-Chan

Mathematical Girls - Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems - Volume 02 Chapter 06
The Small World of Our Making

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 11 Chapter 91


It’s still Friday…

… If you’re in my time zone.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and so we have another release! We have four chapters this week: two chapters of TRAP, one of Doraemon, and one of Mathematical Girls. This week’s release couldn’t have happened without a few key people. Here’s a shout-out to Harllama (one of our release administrators), Fishiiie, Ladame, and Raccoon Pack!

For those who have been missing Hakaiou Noritaka, there’s good news! We’ve finally gotten a translator for the series. Look forward to its release in a few weeks.

We’re recruiting, like usual! Check out this page to learn more. Stop by our forum to catch a glimpse of who we are and what we do. Chat with us also, and leave a comment if you like the release!

Yours truly,


Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 204
Jaian's Close Friend

T.R.A.P. - Volume 04 Chapter 30


Happy 4th of July!

Hey everybody!

Happy Independence Day to all those who celebrate it! To celebrate, we’re having a special release. Instead of the usual three or four, we have seven new chapters! We were also planning to release another chapter of Mathematical Girls, but there were some problems with the files. Look forward to its release next week, though! There’s also the first release of Renchi na Himoto, a joint with One Snowshoe.

We’re recruiting all positions, especially translators! Check out this page to learn more. Stop by our forum and chat with us to learn more about Forgotten Scans.

Thanks to all the staff and readers! We hope you all have a great weekend!


Flowersofmoe and the FoS Staff

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 200
The Bag of Taking Things

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 201
Swapping Body Parts

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 202
Machine That Sells Things Through Time

Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 203
Discovery of Antics

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 09 Chapter 72
The Flying Bald Head

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 11 Chapter 89

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