Full Ahead! Friday Release – Oct 24th

Hey there! Another week has gone by, and we have another chapter of Coco for you all! Hope you enjoy it!

We’re quickly approaching the end of Volume 7, as well as Halloween. Funnily enough Halloween lands on a Friday this year. Next week we will certainly have your regularly scheduled Coco chapter, but we might also have a bit of an extra spooky bonus for the holiday. Will it be a trick… or a treat?
Be sure to check in and find out! :D


Full Ahead! Coco Vol 7, Ch 59:

October 17th Release

Hey again, folks! Well, you may say last week was the start of it, but I feel like this week officially marks the start of weekly chapter releases! We’re currently focusing on getting a new chapter of Full Ahead! Coco out every Friday. This is great news for all of you Coco fans out there!

However, if Coco isn’t your thing, no worries! We’re still all working diligently for that main release we normally have at the end of the month.

For now, though, here’s another chapter of Coco. Hope you enjoy it!



Full Ahead! Coco Vol 7, Ch 58:

October 10th Release

Hey there, everyone! Bet you didn’t expect us to have something so soon after that gigantic Mega Release, but here we are!

This week we’ve got another full chapter of Full Ahead! Coco, as well as some short chapters of a spin-off series called, The World God Only Knows – On the Train.

As always, these chapters are available for download below, or also in our Online Reader.
Check them out however you like!



~~Full Ahead! Coco~~

Volume 7, Chapter 57 – CLICK HERE

~~The World God Only Knows – On the Train~~

Volume 1, Chapter 0 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 1 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 2 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 3 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 4 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 5 – CLICK HERE

Mega Release

FoS Main Website Banner -- B-Day 2014

The Forgotten Scans Mega Release

In celebration of Forgotten Scans’ 1st Birthday!

*Note: you can also view the chapters in the online reader*

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu:
Volume 6, Chapter 2

Black Dog:
Volume 2, Chapter 5: The Pink Stripes
Volume 2, Chapter 6: Tamer

Chibi Maruko-chan:
Volume 1, Chapter 9.4: The Privilege of the Animal Caretaker

Volume 9 – Chapter 161: Nobita’s Nobita
Volume 9 – Chapter 162: Tracer Badge
Volume 9 – Chapter 163: A Snail House is Comfortable
Volume 9 – Chapter 164: The Telephone Ghost
Volume 9 – Chapter 165: Hi, I’m Momotaro.

 Full Ahead! Coco:
Volume 7, Chapter 54: Antlion
Volume 7, Chapter 55: Modarei
Volume 7, Chapter 56: Labyrinth

Hell Teacher Nube:
Volume 8 – Chapter 64: “0:00:00”
Volume 8 – Chapter 65: Season of the Yuionna
Volume 8 – Chapter 66: Nekomata

Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane (Psycho-Pass)
–Joint with Penguin-Scantrad)–
Volume 2 – Chapter 7: Return of the Psychotic Prince

–Joint with Misty Rain Scans–
Volume 3 – Chapter 21: Accidental Meeting
Volume 3 – Chapter 22: Entanglement

Ode to Summer: an action-packed 6 chapter release!

Hello everyone~

I bet you didn’t expect SIX MORE CHAPTERS in TWO WEEKS!? 8)

Yep, and to make things better, we have Black Dog in the mix!  (and yes, we know how horribly long it has been since the last BD release, and we are working to ensure that releases of BD are more frequent >.<)

You can expect a release in a week (thereabouts) with some more chaps in a celebratory aura because we will have some birthdays to celebrate!

I bet some of you are wondering about that big clock at the top of the page?  It’s no joke, we are going to have a big celebration on October 5th for Forgotten Scans’ 1st birthday!  I am extremely excited, because in this past month, Forgotten Scans has made huge leaps in scanlation production.  I am proud of everyone, and I hope that all goes well between now and then.  Still, that doesn’t mean that there will be a huge gap, as we have one more release until then…with fancy banners XD


Links (don’t forget about our online reader!):

Black Dog — V1 C4

Doraemon — V9 C160

Full Ahead!  Coco — V7 C53

Good Robot — V1 C7
^ Fixed ^

Hakaiou Noritaka! — V8 C63

Hell Teacher Nube — V8 C63

6 Chapter Release!

Hello everyone,

This time of the year has the staff at FoS quite busy, but our group has remained strong!  In what I would call an effort of supreme dedication to scanlation, we bring you…not 1…not 3…not even 5…no…SIX chapters of manga today!

We had originally intended to release as the birthdays progressed throughout the month of August, but numerous obstacles prevented us from doing that. Rather, we have now decided to release once a month, and celebrate all the birthdays of the staff on that day.  This new schedule will also give us time to gather more chapters and it makes things easier when there is only one due date, rather than 4.  Therefore, you should expect the next release sometime around mid- to late- September.

Happy Birthday to Kaeshion, Flowersofmoe, The Hime (Nadeshikohimesama),
and our banner maker, Yokoai!!!

Aug 31 Kaeshion bday Aug_25

Aug 22

We are releasing the following chapters, the mediafire link is below each:

V2 C6  Psycho Pass – Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane

V1 C9.3  Chibi Maruko-Chan

V8 C62  Hell Teacher Nube

V3 C17  Kochikame

V7 C52  Full Ahead! Coco

V1 C3  The Doraemons


Our first joint release with Silent Sky

Hello everyone~

This time of the year has been busy for all of us, and for that, we regret for not having as many releases as we would like to have. However, today, we are proud to be releasing our first joint chapter with Silent Sky, Good Robot Chapter 6!

Updates on the releases and current scanlations status:

  • Hakaiou has been pushed back on it’s release due to some problems in it’s character fixes. Will be moved to the back of the queue for someone to fix it up.
  • Kochikame is being held up due to some errors found during the QC stage. Will be updated with new info as soon as we hear back form the translator.
  • Chibi Maruko-Chan is ready and completed waiting to be released on the next possible birthday release plan. ^_^
  • Psycho-Pass (joint with Penguin-Scantrad) chapter 6 has been completed and ready to be released as soon as possible.  Chapter 7 is in the the translation stage so it shouldn’t be too long before that is done as well. (YAY!)
  • The Doraemons has entered QC stages and is nearing eventual completion.
  • Atashin’Chi still seems to be in need of a TL. Please someone look into it. Thank You. =D
  • Full Ahead! Coco has been revived from the dead and is being worked upon by our very own hard working staff members. (GOOD JOB GUYS!)
  • Hell Teacher Nube is close to releasing two chapters as soon as possible. One of those two chapters is in it’s last QC stages. (YOSH!!)
  • Black Dog’s latest chapters wait for Cleaners and Proofreaders!!

Here are the links for Good Robot Chapter 6:


If you would like to read it in our online reader:


Our 1st Joint Release with Artificial Demons~

Hey everyone ^_^

We have just completed our first joint release with a fellow scanlation group,
Artificial Demons!  Check out the chapter on our reader, or click here to go to it directly.

Other joints that we are currently engaged in:
Misty Rain Scans: Song of the Doll and T.R.A.P.
Silent Sky: Good Robot



A special, 2-birthday release, along with some notes~

Bday_July20 -camera bag- July_27   Hello everyone ^_^

Today is a very special release day for us, as we are celebrating not one,
but two of our wonderful staff’s birthday’s!

Jennzli, a wonderful proofreader for us, loves ice cream (very much), as well as video games such as Mario Cart, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, etc. She also likes Yowamushi Pedal and Naruto Shippuden, as well as many other anime and foreign dramas @_@. So, Jennzli, it is with our most sincere gratitude that we thank you for all of your hard work, and that you had enjoyed some of the things that you mentioned that you like on our birthday! I am very sorry for not having released a chapter on your birthday, but I will make every effort to do so next year.

Jammer, aka VigorousJammer, is a relatively new cleaner/editor here at FoS. Today is his birthday, and so I hope that he eats tons of pizza, plays some video games until he tires of them, and watches some of his favorite “Paranoia Agent” anime. We hope you enjoy being a part of Forgotten Scans, Jammer, and thank you very much for joining us! XD



With regards to releases: Sadly, we only have one chapter to release today. This can be attributed to various vacations taken by important staff, stuff going on in real-life that shortens the amount of time one can spend on scanlation, etc. However, I am very happy to announce the following:

  • We are now proceeding full-steam-ahead on the scanlation of Psycho Pass!!! (Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane). We have a translator on it, and one chapter is very close to completion. We hope to release it very soon. :)
  • Chapter 4 of Black Dog will be released soon.
  • Bowling King will see slower releases due to the CTL being on vacation.
  • The next chapter of Hell Teacher Nube is in the QC stages, it will be released soon. Additionally, the chapter after that is ready for release soon as well.
  • While chapter 63 of Hakaiou Noritaka is almost ready for release, any chapters after that are on indefinite hold until a translator can be found/assigned to work on it.
  • The next chapter of Kochikame is almost ready for release, just need to get some missing translations fixed.
  • Production on Full Ahead! Coco is halted due to missing translations, additionally, future chapters cannot be released due to the absence of a translator.
  • We have a new Vietnamese translator, and she is currently working on a joint with us and MRS, but, if you have any suggestions on a Vietnamese series that you would like us to scanlate, let us know.
  • We have one, possibly two new Japanese translators! There are many projects that said translators could work on:  elDLIVE, Full Ahead! Coco, Hakaiou Noritaka!, Maria Ppoino!, or Kochikame. Leave your comments below on what you would like to see revived/worked on first :)


The link to download Volume 19, Chapter 198 of Bowling King:


Re-releases: Black Dog and Bowling King

Hello everyone, today I have two chapters that need to be re-released:
Chapter 3 of Black Dog and Chapter 197 of Bowling King.

Black Dog had issues with the page order, you can read more about it in the release note that is at the beginning of the chapter.

Bowling King had several mistakes on the credit page, you can also read about that in the release note at the beginning of the chapter.

On another note, Volume 1 elDLIVE raws have been purchased and captured in hi-res, and are going to be cleaned, however, we still don’t have a JTL for it.


Chapter 3 of Black Dog:


Chapter 197 of Bowling King:


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