~m8t’s Birthday Release~


Today, I am happy to be doing another birthday release! m8t is a Typesetter here at Forgotten Scans, and all of the staff hope that she has a wonderful and safe birthday today!  So *raises glass* here’s to m8t’s birthday, I hope this one is the best yet!

On to scanlation business:

EDIT: The reader is working now! (earlier, it was broken)

1. The release for Black Dog looks like the pages are out of order, and while that is possible, that is the way that it was scanned.  I didn’t rearrange them because I wasn’t sure exactly what order they should have been in. I am very sorry for the possible confusion created by this, but I have no way to contact the raw provider to inquire about the page order :/

2. I will be purchasing the elDLIVE raws, Volume 1 from ebook Japan and Volume 2 from Honto. They will be captured/scanned, and it will be announced on the elDLIVE page on Batoto that we have the raws and are looking for joints with those who might have a JTl’er willing to work with us, because right now, we don’t have a JTl’er available to tl it.

3. We have dropped Crayon Shin Chan because Crunchyroll has picked it up. Sadly, they are starting from Chapter 1, AND it is only available to premium members. I regret dropping it, but I am not in a good position to be challenging DMCA laws at this time.

More scanlation news to come~

We are currently looking for joints with groups, due to the translator shortage. We have just begun 2 new joints, but it’s not quite official yet, so I won’t reveal those at this time. If anyone would like to do a joint, please contact me and I would be more than happy to work the details out with you.

Additionally, I have approved for someone to translate Black Dog into French, if anyone else would like to translate Black Dog, please contact me.


Atashin’Chi Volume 1 Chapter 11


Black Dog V1 C3


Bowling King V1 C197


Hell Teacher Nube V8 C61


Happy reading~


~Kokoroanime’s Birthday Release~

Fos_June_20 colorcross



Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great summer so far! On behalf of
everyone at Forgotten Scans, I would like to give our translator Kokoroanime our best wishes that he have a fun, safe, and memorable birthday! We hope that you enjoy eating pizza, playing Nintendo games, and watching your favorite tv & anime shows from the comfort of your couch and take a break from all that translating!

As we move closer and closer to July, many chapters are finding their way onto my Quality-Checking plate. Now I had hoped to release 5 chapters this time, but unfortunately only 2 made it out…but never fear! I hope to get them to you as soon as possible! This release has a chapter of Hell Teacher Nube and a chapter of Atashin’Chi, while I hope to soon be releasing a chapter of Black Dog, Hakaiou Noritaka!, and Crayon Shin Chan. No promises as to when this will happen, but I hope it is very soon :)

A few of our members would like us to take up elDLIVE again…we had
kinda/sorta dropped it, but in order to pick it up, we would have to purchase raws.
It’s about $18 per volume on Amazon, the price varies, but I would probably end up
buying it there and scanning it myself. We don’t get hardly any donations, so if anyone
out there would like to donate, that would be great…and that doesn’t just go for
elDLIVE raws, any other raws that we might need to buy will first draw funds from
the PayPal account (which is basically empty). Anyway, we could really use your
support, but money is tight for everyone at this time of the year.

We are also looking for Japanese-to-English Translators, Quality Checkers, and anyone else who would like to join us! Please consider it, if you have the time this summer.

Here they are:

Atashin’Chi, Volume 1, Chapter 10:


Hell Teacher Nube, Volume 8, Chapter 60:


(note: you can use our online reader,
and if you download from a media fire link,
please be sure to have an ad-blocker installed!)

6-11 Release

Hello everyone~

I am pleased to bring you another release so soon!

Today we have Chapter 62 of Hakaiou Noritaka and Chapter 51 of Full Ahead! Coco!

You can read them in the online reader, or download them from the mediafire links, whichever you prefer…



~~Full Ahead! Coco Volume 6, Chapter 51~~



~~Hakaiou Noritaka! Volume 8, Chapter 62~~



~Sele’s Bday Release~

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce a birthday release for a very special member of Forgotten Scans! Selenium, better known as Sele, has a birthday today, and we hope she takes the day off from scanlating for it! We really appreciate her being a part of Forgotten Scans, and hope that she sticks around for many more birthdays to come. So Happy Birthday Sele, from all of us at Forgotten Scans! We hope that your special day is filled with lots of sweets and cake, as well as a little of your favorite manga & anime!



As for our releases, we have Chapter 2 of Black Dog,
and Chapter 196 of Bowling King for you to enjoy :)

Black Dog:


Bowling King:


However, note that a few chapters are at the Quality Check stage,
so we hope to send out another release very soon~



Fish b’day special! 8 releases!

Dear Fishiie~

Happy birthday to the most awesome chinese TL/PR/cleaner/typesetter/admin of FoS around! You are a very sweet admin, always ready to help and assist others despite your busy schedule. We understand that you have your own work in life (as much as we’d like to drag you from that and have you stay here forever).

Thanks for all the help and support you have given us at FOS! We hope you have many more fantastic birthdays to celebrate at FOS. So here’s to another year of translating, reading Black Dog, and being awesome! Many happy returns of the day, and don’t forget to eat some cake today.


FOS staff.

And these 8 releases are dedicated to you on your birthday!

Atashinchi Chapter 9 | Online Reader | Download

Bowling King Chapter 194 | Online Reader | Download

Bowling King Chapter 195 | Online Reader | Download

Doraemon Chapter 156 | Online Reader | Download

Doraemon Chapter 157 | Online Reader | Download

Doraemon Chapter 158 | Online Reader | Download

Doraemon Chapter 159 | Online Reader | Download

T.R.A.P Chapter 20 | Online Reader | Download

Another Quad Release and New Website!

Yup, we have our own domain now! (We’re steadily growing, aren’t we…?!) And to celebrate the fact, we have yet another Quad release!

The Doraemons Chapter 2 | Online Reader | Download

Saijou No Meii Chapter 35 | Online Reader | Download

Full Ahead Coco Chapter 50 | Online Reader | Download

Bowling King Chapter 193 | Online Reader | Download


And you can obviously notice that the Online Reader’s back too… and we’ve introduced 2 more new projects…! Stay tuned for some more amazing Quads~

Eldlive 3 Released!

It has been pretty long since our last Eldlive release, right?! We had to sort stuff, you know…Whatever, here you go:

Chapter 3 | Download

If the pages are messed up, contact me immediately!

We need editors for Eldlive and Psycho Pass (Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane)

April Fools Release and Birthday Announcements


Hello, hello, Forgotten scans here.
As you all know it is, was or is going to be April Fools day….BUT rest assured, this is not a joke but a real manga release of Chibi Maruko Chan and Doraemon (soon to come).

As well as today/yesterday/tomorrow being April fools day, it is also the birthday of the person who pretty much founded Forgotten Scans, Michael (MichaelJ96). Happy birthday and (I think this thank you only applies to me, but) thank you for whipping our lazy asses into what we are today.

Another birthday announcement for our proofreader, Lady Snow, who has her birthday on April the 12th, Happy birthday.

P.S. I really hope that April the 1st is your birthday and that you haven’t been tricking us into thinking that your birthday is on April the 1st when it really isn’t.

P.S.S. April fools.

P.S.S.S. Don’t forget that we are still recruiting and that no scanlating experience is required (You only need to meet the requirements, we can help you). Also feel free to leave a message/question on our chatango or contact form, we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

P.S.S.S.S. I have forgotten what I wanted to say…This is troubling…

Chibi Maruko Chan Chapter 9.3 | Download
Doraemon Chapter 146 | Download

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