Comeback Release!


Ah. It was a long time since we had a release. (17 days). We’re running out of typesetters, and we need YOUR help in releasing more chapters!

Chapter 9.1 | Download

And still remember, that we are still looking for people to join us, recruiting all positions, so if you can help us please apply, no experience required! You could visit us at our chatango, we’re a friendly community, and we don’t bite!

February’s first release! The Quad!

It has been a long time since our last release! We’re having exams currently… it has been slow going for us, but you can have a Quad release for the present though!

Chibi Maruko Chan Volume 1 Chapter 9 | Download
Doraemon Chapter 144 | Download
Shuffle! Chapter 18 | Download
Hell Teacher Nuube Chapter 57 | Download

Note that this will be the last release from us as for Shuffle, and Desperate Scanners will take over from Volume 4.

Triple Release! Hail Ho!

Yay! We’re back with three releases! Grab them:

Hell Teacher Nuube Volume 7 Chapter 56 | Download
Doraemon Volume 8 Chapter 143 | Download
Shuffle Chapter 16.2 | Download

The 16.2 chapter is the leftover version of the incomplete last release. Supposedly the JP raw had skipped these pages, so we didn’t notice them, but they were in the CN raw. Sorry about that >,<

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