Chibi Sunday

Dear readers,

We have yet another chapter today! Woohoo! Today, we’re bringing to you an omake chapter of Chibi Maruko-chan. It’s short, but lengthy. Have fun learning about the mangaka!

As always, we’re recruiting! Check out this page to learn more about how to join us. We’re in demand of all positions! Don’t forget to stop by the forum, chat with the staff (we get lonely), and leave a comment if you liked the release!

A huge thank you to Fishiiie, Sir_roflcopter, Kumanzzz, and YuuMiik, our rookie release admin, for working on today’s release! Have a great day, everyone!

Yours Truly,
Flowersofmoe and the rest of the FoS Staff

Chibi Maruko-chan - Volume 02 Chapter 13.1
Imperceptible Identity of a Good Friend (We Collaborate on Manga)

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