Full Ahead! Coco: Act [Chap 78]

01 - Full-Ahead-Coco-V09-C70---001 - CopyFans of FAC, I should point out that this is the last chapter that Vigorous Jammer has typesetted before he took his hiatus a couple of weeks ago.  Captain Crunch, who has been helping out on the series by cleaning, will start typesetting Coco until Jammer can come back to scanlation.  To ensure the best quality and consistency for the series, he will be able to check her work for any necessary typesetting corrections, but you might still see some minor differences in the typesetting for the next few chapters that get released with Captain’s typesetting.

On another note, if you are a fan of the FAC series, please take the time to vote for it in the FoS Spring poll at the FoS Poll Website: polls.fos-scans.com!

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 09 Chapter 78

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