Good Robot, and a word from the admin.


Hey, I know it’s been a while, but work on Good Robot is back on track!

This was made together with Silent Sky!

Download or read onlie:
Chapter 8 | Click Here | Or read immediately
Chapter 9 | Click Here | Or read immediately


Ok, now for some comments:

You can now view the current status of our projects by going here.  The status updates automatically, so it is always up-to-date.


We would like to purchase Black Dog raws that do not have watermarks like this:
Screenshot - 1_4_2015 , 2_03_22 PMBecause these have to be removed from every page, work on Black Dog takes a lot of time.  If we were to purchase Black Dog raws, rather than finding them online, we could scan them ourselves and really speed up work on the project.  If you would like to see releases faster than they are now, please contribute by sending us a donation or joining our group  :D


On another note, we are officially stopping all work on Psycho-Pass and elDLIVE.  We have pulled the projects from the reader and the download links from the project pages.  Please purchase these books in store or online when they become available in English in your region if you want to continue reading them.



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