Happy New Year Nube!

Happy New Year readers <3

FoS is here to bring you 2 chapters of Hell Teacher Nube. Thank you to all the staff who worked on it, they poured out their precious time to produce these 2 chapters. A big thanks to BlastComic Scans, be sure to check them out. They are a bunch of great people. New year, new me? Hopefully I can get my life together this year. Haha. Well, I hope you guys enjoy these 2 chapters. More are on the way *cough* Black Dog *cough*

Sincerely, Gracie

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 10 Chapter 81
New Legend of Yaobikuni

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 10 Chapter 82
Is It a Building? No, It's Daidarabotchi!

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