Hell’s Warming Up the Holidays!

Dear readers,

It’s time for another upload in the Forgotten Scans releasing spree! And here we are with another chapter of Hell Teacher Nube.

Many thanks to all the staff who’ve been working hard on these daily holiday releases! And a thanks to poor, overworked Flo, Sir_roflcopter, Shougei (from BCS) and Icecookie for today’s chapter. Good job, guys!

Once again, comment below if you liked the release. Or stop by our discord channel for a quick chat – we like talking with our readers and no, we’re not as scary as some may think! If you don’t have time, we have a forum too! Just leave a post and you can check back on it later. We’re always willing to have new recruits come aboard, so check out the Join Us page on our website!

As always, stay awesome.

-Release Rookie YuuMiiK and the FoS Staff

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 10 Chapter 80
The Goddess Raiment

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