It’s still Friday…

… If you’re in my time zone.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and so we have another release! We have four chapters this week: two chapters of TRAP, one of Doraemon, and one of Mathematical Girls. This week’s release couldn’t have happened without a few key people. Here’s a shout-out to Harllama (one of our release administrators), Fishiiie, Ladame, and Raccoon Pack!

For those who have been missing Hakaiou Noritaka, there’s good news! We’ve finally gotten a translator for the series. Look forward to its release in a few weeks.

We’re recruiting, like usual! Check out this page to learn more. Stop by our forum to catch a glimpse of who we are and what we do. Chat with us also, and leave a comment if you like the release!

Yours truly,


Doraemon - Volume 11 Chapter 204
Jaian's Close Friend

T.R.A.P. - Volume 04 Chapter 30


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  • Aria

    Thanks dudes (@´ω`@)/

  • fish

    yay! I got a shout out haha.