~Kokoroanime’s Birthday Release~

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great summer so far! On behalf of
everyone at Forgotten Scans, I would like to give our translator Kokoroanime our best wishes that he have a fun, safe, and memorable birthday! We hope that you enjoy eating pizza, playing Nintendo games, and watching your favorite tv & anime shows from the comfort of your couch and take a break from all that translating!

As we move closer and closer to July, many chapters are finding their way onto my Quality-Checking plate. Now I had hoped to release 5 chapters this time, but unfortunately only 2 made it out…but never fear! I hope to get them to you as soon as possible! This release has a chapter of Hell Teacher Nube and a chapter of Atashin’Chi, while I hope to soon be releasing a chapter of Black Dog,¬†Hakaiou Noritaka!, and Crayon Shin Chan. No promises as to when this will happen, but I hope it is very soon :)

A few of our members would like us to take up elDLIVE again…we had
kinda/sorta dropped it, but in order to pick it up, we would have to purchase raws.
It’s about $18 per volume on Amazon, the price varies, but I would probably end up
buying it there and scanning it myself. We don’t get hardly any donations, so if anyone
out there would like to donate, that would be great…and that doesn’t just go for
elDLIVE raws, any other raws that we might need to buy will first draw funds from
the PayPal account (which is basically empty). Anyway, we could really use your
support, but money is tight for everyone at this time of the year.

We are also looking for Japanese-to-English Translators, Quality Checkers, and anyone else who would like to join us! Please consider it, if you have the time this summer.

Here they are:

Atashin’Chi, Volume 1, Chapter 10:


Hell Teacher Nube, Volume 8, Chapter 60:


(note: you can use our online reader,
and if you download from a media fire link,
please be sure to have an ad-blocker installed!)

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