~m8t’s Birthday Release~


Today, I am happy to be doing another birthday release! m8t is a Typesetter here at Forgotten Scans, and all of the staff hope that she has a wonderful and safe birthday today!  So *raises glass* here’s to m8t’s birthday, I hope this one is the best yet!

On to scanlation business:

EDIT: The reader is working now! (earlier, it was broken)

1. The release for Black Dog looks like the pages are out of order, and while that is possible, that is the way that it was scanned.  I didn’t rearrange them because I wasn’t sure exactly what order they should have been in. I am very sorry for the possible confusion created by this, but I have no way to contact the raw provider to inquire about the page order :/

2. I will be purchasing the elDLIVE raws, Volume 1 from ebook Japan and Volume 2 from Honto. They will be captured/scanned, and it will be announced on the elDLIVE page on Batoto that we have the raws and are looking for joints with those who might have a JTl’er willing to work with us, because right now, we don’t have a JTl’er available to tl it.

3. We have dropped Crayon Shin Chan because Crunchyroll has picked it up. Sadly, they are starting from Chapter 1, AND it is only available to premium members. I regret dropping it, but I am not in a good position to be challenging DMCA laws at this time.

More scanlation news to come~

We are currently looking for joints with groups, due to the translator shortage. We have just begun 2 new joints, but it’s not quite official yet, so I won’t reveal those at this time. If anyone would like to do a joint, please contact me and I would be more than happy to work the details out with you.

Additionally, I have approved for someone to translate Black Dog into French, if anyone else would like to translate Black Dog, please contact me.


Atashin’Chi Volume 1 Chapter 11


Black Dog V1 C3


Bowling King V1 C197


Hell Teacher Nube V8 C61


Happy reading~


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