Merry Christmas from Forgotten Scans! 4-Chapter Release

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s a jolly time of year once again, and my name is Jammer Claus. No, not that big ol’ fat-man up in the North Pole. I’m a different kind of Claus… one that comes bearing gifts of manga scanlations!

Me & my legion of elves (or, you know… fellow scanlators) have been hard at work on these chapters, and now here they are!

It’s been a while, but we are finally releasing another chapter of Bowling King. Chapter 199! This chapter finishes off Volume 19, and we currently have plans to keep trucking with the series, onto Volume 20.

For all of you Full Ahead! Coco fans, I made sure to put in a bunch of extra time to bring you, not just one… not just two, but a full THREE Coco chapters. We’ve got Chapter 68 and 69 from the main series, which caps off the end of Volume 8, and finally, we’ve got a special Full Ahead! Coco side-story chapter, from Volume 0, titled “Tail & Nose: The Goddess of the Northern Town”

None of these have anything to do with Christmas or the holiday season at all… Well, the special Tail & Nose story has a lot of ice & snow in it… so maybe that counts, haha. XD
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it, and you all have a fantastic holiday season! ^_^


Bowling King V19 C199:

Full Ahead! Coco V08 C68:

Full Ahead! Coco V08 C69:

Full Ahead! Coco Bangaihen V00 C01:

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