October 10th Release

Hey there, everyone! Bet you didn’t expect us to have something so soon after that gigantic Mega Release, but here we are!

This week we’ve got another full chapter of Full Ahead! Coco, as well as some short chapters of a spin-off series called, The World God Only Knows – On the Train.

As always, these chapters are available for download below, or also in our Online Reader.
Check them out however you like!



~~Full Ahead! Coco~~

Volume 7, Chapter 57 – CLICK HERE

~~The World God Only Knows – On the Train~~

Volume 1, Chapter 0 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 1 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 2 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 3 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 4 – CLICK HERE

Volume 1, Chapter 5 – CLICK HERE

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