Oh My Dog

Dear readers,

Forgive me for today’s release title. I was asking someone else to help me, and all they could say was “Oh my gawd”. And thus I thought of Oh My Dog.

Today we’re releasing Mathematical Girls — Fermat’s Last Theorem, and Black Dog (in case you haven’t already guessed from the title)! Fermat’s Last Theorem, in case any of you have forgotten, is a continuation of the Mathematical Girls series. This time, we’re doing this joint with Eastern Atelier, DKThias Scanlation, and Norway Scan. Check out their websites!

We’re always recruiting! Visit our recruitment page to learn more. Also, don’t forget to stop by the forum, chat with the staff, and leave a comment if you liked the release!

A huge thanks this week to Schombert, RadioactiveKitty, Yokoai, Jehsi, Eruchan, Saiyaku, Recongriffin, DKThias, Volandum, and Harllama for today’s release. Have a refreshing weekend, everyone!

Yours Truly,

Flowersofmoe and the tired FoS Staff (who really need more people to join…)

Black Dog - Volume 04 Bark 17.1
The Day Our Worlds Stood Still (Prologue)

Mathematical Girls - Fermat's Last Theorem - Volume 01 Chapter 02   


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