Project Suggestions


Have a suggestion?  Email us, but before you do, make sure that the project meets the following criteria:

  1. All of our translators are fully occupied with our current projects for the time being – if you want to suggest a project for us to work on, please provide the translations or a translator who wants to work on it with us ^_^.
  2. The series must NOT be licensed.
  3. We need raws – find them online.  Whether or not they cost anything is irrelevant as we can purchase them (usually).
  4. The series cannot be for mature audiences.
  5. If the series already has chapters released by other groups you need to contact them to ask them if they are ok with someone else taking over the scanlation, unless:
    1. The group is now inactive.
    2. The group dropped the project (and somehow made it public that they did, or they must have told you that they did by some other means, such as email).
    3. The group’s last released chapter was over 365 days ago.
  6. Odd things that may happen:
    1. You may not be able to find the raws – that is ok, go ahead and shoot us an email, but please, let us know where you looked first.  We may – or may not – be able to find them somewhere else.
    2. The group that you tried to contact about this may not respond.  Let us know that you tried in your email.  If they don’t respond after a certain period of time we will try other ways to contact them.  If we cannot, then at least we tried.
    3. You may be unsure about the project’s age level.  Perhaps the content is on the border between adult and teenage levels of disturbing content.  Don’t send the project suggestion if you think it’s something that your boss wouldn’t want to see you reading.
    4. What about joint project operations?  If the group that has been scanlating it is still interested in the project, tell that group that we might be interested in working together on the project.  If it means that we can get the scanlation back up and running again, that’s what matters.

Where would the project go?

If we accept your suggestion, the project may be placed into one of these sectors:

  • Joint Operations (JointOps):
    • All joint projects that are not in Sub-Divisions 1 or 2 go here.
    • Only joint projects go here.
  • Slow Sector (SlowSec or Slow Pipe):
    • Don’t let the name fool you.  The slow sector handles specific kinds of manga.  Please see the project list page for details about this sector (scroll down to the large wordy section near the bottom).
  • Fast Sector (FastSec or Fast Pipe):
    • Same as Slow Sec except different projects.  Further details are also on the page linked above.
  • Sub-Division 1
    • SD-1 handles projects that are for the romantic type.
  • Sub-Division 2
    • SD-2 handles adventure-themed manga.  Only projects that interest the two people in charge of this sub-division will be placed here.

If you figured all of that out, head on over to the contact us page!

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