Kochira Katsushika-Ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo

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Author(s) and Artist(s)
Akimoto Osamu

The typical Kochikame plot involves Ryo-san coming up with a money-making scheme by inventing a new gadget or capitalizing on a fad, achieving great success, calling on Nakagawa’s help as things turn sour, and finally losing it all as the fad runs out of steam or out of control. While the plots are gag-driven, much of the humor comes from the juxtaposition of mundane characters with the bizarrely incongruous (Nakagawa’s wealth, Maria’s appeal, everyone’s lack of actual police work), most of which is never explained or rationalized in the slightest.

Comedy | Shounen

Status in Country of Origin
192 Volumes (Ongoing)

Manga Updates
Online Reader

Volume 3
Volume 3
2014.03.22     Chapter 16 - The Vanished Police Station?!  MF  MU  RO
2014.08.31     Chapter 17 - Don't Take Me Lightly!!  MF  MU  RO
2015.06.09     Chapter 1674 - DJ Chief  MF  MU  RO
2015.12.05     Chapter 1675 - Short Manga Contest  MF  MU  RO
2016.07.01     Chapter 1676 - Kame-Golf  MF  MU  RO
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