Mathematical Girls - Fermat's Last Theorem

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Yuuki Hiroshi & Kasuga Shun

"I" (Boku) love math. Just after the high school entrance ceremony, "I" meet a beautiful girl: Milka. Milka is a mathematical genius. She gives me many math problems, she shows me many elegant solutions. Milka and I spend a long time by discussing math in the school library.

One year later, I meet another mathematical girl: Tetra. Tetra is one year younger than me, and asks me to teach her math. While I teach her, she begins to understand math and to love its elegance gradually.

In the second volume (series), we talk about Pythagoras Theorem, Elementary Number Theory, Group, Ring, Field, and Fermat's Last Theorem.

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Romance | School Life | Seinen

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3 Volumes (Complete)

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Volume 1
Volume 1
2016.02.06     Chapter 01  MF  MU  RO
2016.03.19     Chapter 02  MF  MU  RO
2016.04.10     Chapter 03  MF  MU  RO
2016.06.20     Chapter 04  MF  MU  RO
2016.08.12     Chapter 05  MF  MU  RO
2016.09.25     Chapter 06  MF  MU  RO
2017.04.09     Chapter 17  MF  MU  RO
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