Psychometrer Eiji

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Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi

From MangaUpdates: Eiji is a teenager who's rough and rude and loves to fight. However, Eiji has a strange power; when he comes in contact with certain objects, he can see people's memories from within the objects themselves. When he finds himself involved in a dark murder case, he assists a beautiful young profiler to find the murderer. Afterwards, she continues to ask for his assistance in more complicated investigations. A detective manga with intriguing and complicated cases and a variety of characters from the complex to the caricature.


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2016.10.18     Chapter 123 - Poltergeist Mansion 1  MF  MU  RO
2016.12.25     Chapter 124 - Poltergeist Mansion 2  MF  MU  RO