Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Project Status

Author(s) and Artist(s)
Kamoshida Hajime & Kusano Houki

Kanda Sorata is a second year high school art student who was recently kicked out of the school’s dorm because he was found keeping a cat in his room. Sorata begins to live in the apartment house “Sakurasou”, infamous for its eccentric residents. Here, Sorata is asked to take care of one of his classmates, Shiina Mashiro. Although she is a brilliant, world-class painter, she is extremely clumsy and lacking in common sense. And thus begins the story of the master and his pet..

Comedy | Drama | Ecchi | Romance | School Life | Seinen | Slice of Life

Status in Country of Origin
7 Volumes (Ongoing)

Manga Updates
Online Reader

2014.12.25     Chapter 09  MF  MU  RO
2017.09.16     Chapter 10  MF  MU  RO
2017.09.16     Chapter 11  MF  MU  RO
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