Pumped up for Doraemon

Hello readers!

I’d like to say that we’re back on track for releases! Woohoo! We have two chapters of Doraemon to release today. Don’t worry — other series will be released next week, in case you were waiting for some of our other series. But Doraemon’s still fun. :)

I tried to make a punny release title, but… I couldn’t really come up with a good one today. But if you read the chapters, you’ll get the title.

We’re always recruiting. Check out this page to learn more. We especially need translators, typesetters, and cleaners. But proofreaders are still welcome :) Don’t forget to stop by the forum if you have any questions, chat with the staff, and leave a comment if you liked the release!

A huge thanks today to our own Noobcw, Lumenox, Iriakitsune, and Harllama! See you soon, everybody!

Doraemon - Volume 12 Chapter 217
Swimming Powder

Doraemon - Volume 12 Chapter 218
Body Pump

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