Re-releases: Black Dog and Bowling King

Hello everyone, today I have two chapters that need to be re-released:
Chapter 3 of Black Dog and Chapter 197 of Bowling King.

Black Dog had issues with the page order, you can read more about it in the release note that is at the beginning of the chapter.

Bowling King had several mistakes on the credit page, you can also read about that in the release note at the beginning of the chapter.

On another note, Volume 1 elDLIVE raws have been purchased and captured in hi-res, and are going to be cleaned, however, we still don’t have a JTL for it.


Chapter 3 of Black Dog:[Re-Release]_–_Black_Dog-Volume_1-_-Chapter_3-.rar

Chapter 197 of Bowling King:[Re-Release]_–_Bowling_King_-Volume_19-_-Chapter_197-.rar

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