Happy November!

Hello, dear readers. We are back with another release! TRAP Chapter 47 is now available :) I apologize with the delay but I hope you understand that releases won’t be as prompt as they used to be but we will try our best to scanlate efficiently. A big thank you to all the staff who worked on this chapter. Go check out Misty Rain Scans because they have helped us so much with this project. Some places are getting cold so please keep yourselves warm. Good luck with school and work. As always, we are recruiting for every position. We … Click to continue reading~

Back at it again!

We are finally back from our hiatus with 2 chapters of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo!! F0S is well and working again. I hope you still have your faith in us even after a long period of no releases. We went through a time of change where we had to elect a new admin to take over the group and make progress happen. I am your new admin, Gracie and I will try my best to lead this group well into producing quality projects for you and keep the FoS spirit blazing! We are always accepting recruits and for more … Click to continue reading~

Sunday Struggles

Dear readers, We have struggled quite a bit these past four months without releases… but we’re back! Instead of aiming to do a release each week, we’ll do a release every other week. That way we don’t burn out the staff. Today, we’re releasing another chapter of Mathematical Girls, Fermat’s Last Theorem, and the usual Doraemon! Enjoy the releases today. Hopefully we’ll be able to some other chapters soon enough! As always, we’re recruiting! Check out this page here to learn more about how to join us. Don’t forget to stop by the forum, chat with the staff, and leave … Click to continue reading~

Our final gift to you~

Dear readers, Today marks the last day of the 12 days of releases! Yaaaay! You might have noticed that we’ve been releasing a lot of Doraemon. (To be honest, it’s the easiest manga that we have). Well, here’s one last chapter of Doraemon! Enjoy! As always, we’re recruiting! Check out this page here to learn how to join us! We especially need proofreaders at the moment. Also, take a moment to check out our policies, and learn more about our dropped projects. Don’t forget to stop by the forum, chat with the staff, and leave a comment if you liked … Click to continue reading~


Dear readers, It’s no surprise that we’re releasing yet another chapter of Doraemon! Enjoy this classic manga! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our other projects. Some of you may have noticed that we’ve been releasing daily. Though Christmas has already passed, this is our present to you! We’ve been aiming for 12 days of releases. Today is our 11th day, so far. After we finish our 12th day, we’ll go back to our (ir)regularly-scheduled releases. I know that many of you have been asking about why xxxx manga was dropped. Well, we do have our reasons. Please check out our page “Why … Click to continue reading~

Never too Old for a Classic

Dear readers, We’re happy to begin another year with you guys! This year, let’s make some realistic resolutions (yep, you heard me, *realistic*). For us, we’ve resolved to bringing you your favorite manga in a timely manner. To start off the year, you’re never too old for a classic, so we bring you another chapter of Doraemon! Even though the years pass, it’s still a great read! Enjoy! Many thanks to Lumenox, SmilingEyes (from our friend AD), Gracie, and of course, the poor Flowersofmoe for working on today’s release! Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Or join us at … Click to continue reading~

A Strike for the New Year’s!

Dear readers, It’s New Years Eve, and another day for us to release! Today, we have a chapter of Bowling King! Hope you guys enjoy it! A big thanks to kimikimi, Ayelinai, and Flowersofmoe for working on today’s release! You rock, guys! Lastly, have a chat with us on our discord, or leave a post on our forum! Someone’s always on, so have a chat with us. We’re also in need of Proofreaders and Editors (Typesetters and Cleaners)! Anyone interested should check out our Join Us page! Anyways, hope you have a happy new year! As always, enjoy life! Release … Click to continue reading~


Hello readers, I’ll KISS today. We present to you another chapter of Doraemon! We’re always recruiting, so learn how to join us. Don’t forget to browse the forum, chat with the staff, and leave a comment if you liked the release! And finally, a huge thanks to Lumenox, SmilingEyes (AD), Kumanzzz, Icecookie, and our rookie release admin, YuuMiik, for working on today’s release. Yours Truly, A tired Flowersofmoe and the rest of the FoS staff

Doraemon Doday

Dear readers, We’re continuing our consecutive releases with a chapter of Doraemon today! Some of you might have noticed that we released chapter 228 and skipped chapter 227. Truth be told, we didn’t want to slow down the releases, so we decided to release out of order. As always, we’re recruiting! Click this page to learn more about how to join us. We especially need translators and editors. Don’t forget to stop by the forum, chat with the staff, and leave a comment if you liked the release! A huge thanks to Steph from Agent of Change Translations; SmilingEyes, my … Click to continue reading~

Hell’s Warming Up the Holidays!

Dear readers, It’s time for another upload in the Forgotten Scans releasing spree! And here we are with another chapter of Hell Teacher Nube. Many thanks to all the staff who’ve been working hard on these daily holiday releases! And a thanks to poor, overworked Flo, Sir_roflcopter, Shougei (from BCS) and Icecookie for today’s chapter. Good job, guys! Once again, comment below if you liked the release. Or stop by our discord channel for a quick chat – we like talking with our readers and no, we’re not as scary as some may think! If you don’t have time, we … Click to continue reading~