Full Ahead! Coco: Act [Chap 78]

Fans of FAC, I should point out that this is the last chapter that Vigorous Jammer has typesetted before he took his hiatus a couple of weeks ago.  Captain Crunch, who has been helping out on the series by cleaning, will start typesetting Coco until Jammer can come back to scanlation.  To ensure the best quality and consistency for the series, he will be able to check her work for any necessary typesetting corrections, but you might still see some minor differences in the typesetting for the next few chapters that get released with Captain’s typesetting. On another note, if you … Click to continue reading~

Psycho Painting Girl Chapter 1

Today marks the first release of a new series:  Psycho Painting Girl!  A few months ago, I got an email from a person asking whether we would be willing to publish a manga for him.  I said “sure!” and he said he was still working on the manga.  Being so busy, I quickly forgot about this email…until I got an email from him a month go!  He told me he had finished working on it and that he was ready for us to publish it.  One problem…he wanted us to work on the narration a little.  We worked out an … Click to continue reading~

Full Ahead! Coco: Scheme AND some news!

Today we are releasing chapter Seventy-Seven of Full Ahead! Coco… Friends and readers of Forgotten Scans, I am pleased to bring you your chapter of Full Ahead! Coco this week.  No, I am not VigorousJammer – who usually provides an insightful release note for you.  Rather, this is Radioactivektitty!  I am sure that you will find my posts dull and uninteresting (as I am well known for unnecessarily long commentary).  However, to the surprise of most staff and readers, I do have something interesting to announce! All readers are invited to provide valuable feedback for the Forgotten Scans Spring 2015 Survey. Please go … Click to continue reading~

5-chapter Release – It’s Friday the 13th!

Hey there everybody, it’s Friday the 13th! Now… don’t worry, there’s no 7-foot tall, machete wielding, hockey-mask wearing, lake-dwelling psychopaths running about. (…yet) However, I do have a bunch of manga for you all. A full FIVE chapters, in fact! First up we’ve got Chapter 28 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Definitely a fan favorite. Then we’ve got Chapter 10 of Black Dog, which starts off Volume 3, and also starts off our use of the high-quality raws that we’ve acquired for it, scanned in by our very own RadioactiveKitty. Next we’ve got Chapter 10 of Chibi Maruko-chan. That’s … Click to continue reading~

4-chapter Release: Black Dog, Doraemon, and Full Ahead! Coco – 200th Chapter!!

Hey there, everyone! I’ve got a handful of chapters here for you all. Four, to be precise. First up is the 9th chapter of Black Dog, which finishes off Volume 2. For those of you who have been following our difficulties with cleaning this manga due to watermarks that were placed on the raw scans. However, you should be glad to hear that those difficulties are over! Going forward, starting next chapter, we have high quality raws that have been scanned in by our very own, RadioactiveKitty. This should speed up the scanlation process as well, which means Black Dog … Click to continue reading~

Today’s Release: Full Ahead! Coco

Hey there, everybody! Happy Friday! The weekend is here once again, and I’ve got a chapter for you guys, hot off the… presses… of Photoshop… or whatever. (it sounded better before I said it okay? >__< ) Below we’ve got chapter 74 of Full Ahead! Coco, which continues the story in volume 9. On another note, some of you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some re-modeling around here. Specifically, we’ve adopted a new system for our project pages that looks better than before, and has a more streamlined back-end that will allow us to more easily and more … Click to continue reading~

2-Chapter Release: Bowling King & Hell Teacher Nube

Well hiya heya howdy howdy! That’s my new southern-style greeting, and below there’s two new chapters to go along with it. Today we’ve got the start of two new volumes for all of you. First up is chapter 200 of Bowling King which marks the start of Volume 20, and Chapter 69 of Hell Teacher Nube, which marks the start of Volume 9. Hope you enjoy them both! If you did, feel free to leave a comment below, we love to hear from you all. ^_^ Thanks, Jammer Bowling King V20 C200 – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Hell Teacher Nube … Click to continue reading~

Chapter 10 of Good Robot!

  More Good Robot, anyone?  What a great way to start off the weekend!  Enjoy, and if you enjoyed the chapter, don’t forget to leave a comment below, and at Silent Sky.  I also need to give a shout-out to Captain Crunch, a new editor in the world of manga.  We would not have such frequent releases of this project if it wasn’t for her hard work! Download or read online: Chapter 10 | Click Here | Read Immediately Notes: So, what has been going on in the group here lately?  Well, all of the volumes of Black Dog arrived about … Click to continue reading~

2-Chapter Release for January 23, 2015

Hey there everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve released a chapter of Hakaiou Noritaka, but I’ve got a new one for you. I’ve also got your regularly scheduled weekly chapter of Full Ahead! Coco. Hope you enjoy them both! Thanks, Jammer Hakaiou Noritaka! V08 C64 – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Full Ahead! Coco V09 C73 – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Click to continue reading~

4-chapter release for January 21, 2015

Hey there everyone! So, I’ve got four chapters of Doraemon here for you all. They’re all currently up and viewable on our Online Reader. However, Mediafire has been acting weird today, after I log in on their site I’ve been having trouble loading any folders, let alone trying to uploading anything to them. Thus, there unfortunately aren’t currently any direct downloads available for these chapters. Whenever Mediafire gets back in working order I’ll update this post, but for now the only way to view these chapters is online. Sorry for the inconvenience! As Iwata commonly says: “Please Understand” Thanks, Jammer … Click to continue reading~

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