Chapter release for January 16th, 2015

Another Friday, and another chapter of Coco for you all to feast your eyes upon. Also, we’re looking for some new recruits to join up and help us out. Currently, we’ve got translations going all the way up to Chapter 190, but due to the amount of time it takes to clean & typeset a chapter (and the fact that I’m currently the only one working on that), we’ve only been able to release one chapter per-week. If we had more people on the project we could release two or maybe even three chapters per-week! So, if you’ve got some … Click to continue reading~

2-chapter release for January 9th, 2015

Ah, well look at that, it’s Friday again! Now, despite the fact that I’ve been watching far too much AGDQ this week, and was battling a horrible fever for a couple days, I was somehow still able to clean & typeset a chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for you guys. On top of that we’ve also got another chapter of Black Dog for you! I’m sure you’ve read in Jimmy’s post about the difficulties of cleaning Black Dog (read here), as every page usually requires some kind of redraw, but we’re still working on the project, even at the slow … Click to continue reading~

Good Robot, and a word from the admin.

Hey, I know it’s been a while, but work on Good Robot is back on track! This was made together with Silent Sky! Download or read onlie: Chapter 8 | Click Here | Or read immediately Chapter 9 | Click Here | Or read immediately   Ok, now for some comments: You can now view the current status of our projects by going here.  The status updates automatically, so it is always up-to-date.   We would like to purchase Black Dog raws that do not have watermarks like this: Because these have to be removed from every page, work on Black Dog … Click to continue reading~

Another release for the New Year!

Whoa! I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, Jam, didn’t you JUST post a release less than 24 hours ago?!” Well, that is absolutely correct! However, I’ve now got a DOUBLE DOSAGE™ of releases for you! In fact, you could say it’s even more than double… I’ve got six chapters of Doraemon, continuing Volume 10… and I’ve got another chapter of Hell Teacher Nube, which wraps up Volume 8. Like always, you can download them from Mediafire or Read them on our online reader. Hope you enjoy them! ^_^ Sincerely, Jammer Doraemon V10 C174 – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Doraemon V10 … Click to continue reading~

A new year, a new volume, it’s Full Ahead! Coco

The new year is now upon us, and for the first release of the year, we’re starting off Volume 9 of Full Ahead! Coco with the release of Chapter 70. I don’t know about you guys, but for me it has been getting especially good in these recent chapters. I’ve also begun to really take a liking to Pete as a character. Anyway, enough of my jibber jabbering. The new chapter is below. Hope you enjoy it! ^_^ Sincerely, Jammer Full Ahead! Coco V09 C70 – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Click to continue reading~

Chapter Release – TWGOK: On the Train – FINAL STATION

Well, this little spin-off series based on The World God Only Knows comes to an end with this chapter. I feel kind of silly even writing up a whole post about it, since the chapter itself is only 2-pages long. It is kind of funny, though, this is technically the first series we’ve completed. XD I guess it was to be expected, since it’s such a small project, but I still find it funny. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Sincerely, Jammer The World God Only Knows – On the Train V01 C14: – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Click to continue reading~

Christmas 2014 Celebration Release – Day 2!

Well, hey there, following up yesterday’s Christmas Eve release, I’ve got another chapter for you today, on Christmas Day! :D It’s a new series for us, as well… that we just started working on as a joint project with Renzokusei Scans, called Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, also known as “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou”. Below, we’ve got Chapter 9 from Volume 2, which you can either download or read online, like usual. Hope you enjoy it! :) Sincerely, Jammer Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo V02 C09: – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Click to continue reading~

Merry Christmas from Forgotten Scans! 4-Chapter Release

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s a jolly time of year once again, and my name is Jammer Claus. No, not that big ol’ fat-man up in the North Pole. I’m a different kind of Claus… one that comes bearing gifts of manga scanlations! Me & my legion of elves (or, you know… fellow scanlators) have been hard at work on these chapters, and now here they are! It’s been a while, but we are finally releasing another chapter of Bowling King. Chapter 199! This chapter finishes off Volume 19, and we currently have plans to keep trucking with the series, onto … Click to continue reading~

2 Chapter Release for Dec 19th

Hey everybody! Got two more chapters for you all! First up, we’ve got our regularly scheduled, weekly Full Ahead! Coco release for you. Then, we have the very first chapter of a new series that we’ve started translating, called Origami Fighter. Written by Jhou Sian Zong, Origami Fighter is about a kid named Xiao Zhe who finds some ancient, magical, folding paper that you can fold into a genie. There’s also an evil organization that he’s fighting against or something? I’m not sure. Read the chapter and find out! :D Sincerely, Jammer Full Ahead! Coco Vol 8, Ch 67: – … Click to continue reading~

Chapter Release for December 12th

Got another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco here, for you all! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve really been enjoying this recent arc that has come up… thus far, at least. Not sure what it is about it, perhaps something about the setting is really appealing to me. I also love how Pete is getting a chance to really shine, here. Anyway, this week’s chapter is below, hope you guys enjoy it! Sincerely, Jammer Full Ahead! Coco Vol 8, Ch 66: – DOWNLOAD – – READ ONLINE – Click to continue reading~

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