~Sele’s Bday Release~

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce a birthday release for a very special member of Forgotten Scans! Selenium, better known as Sele, has a birthday today, and we hope she takes the day off from scanlating for it! We really appreciate her being a part of Forgotten Scans, and hope that she sticks around for many more birthdays to come. So Happy Birthday Sele, from all of us at Forgotten Scans! We hope that your special day is filled with lots of sweets and cake, as well as a little of your favorite manga & anime!



As for our releases, we have Chapter 2 of Black Dog,
and Chapter 196 of Bowling King for you to enjoy :)

Black Dog:


Bowling King:


However, note that a few chapters are at the Quality Check stage,
so we hope to send out another release very soon~



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