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Today marks an infamous day in American history. As you all know, 14 years ago, terrorists hit the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Twin Towers. Now, even though we’re just a scanlation group, we’d like for everyone to be peaceful with one another.

Not only, though, is it the 14th anniversary of the attack–it’s a release day! This week, we have Baka to Test and Bowling King. We wanted to release TRAP today, but there’s an issue regarding Japanese and Chinese names. A huge thank you to Yokoai, Eruchan, and Harllama for making this release possible today.

If you want to become part of our team, join us! Click here to learn more about our positions. Visit our forum (where you can post your application), and chat with us! Leave a comment if you liked the release or if there are any mistakes with the chapters. Even though we’re amazing, we’re not perfect. So please help us. :)

Well then, we hope that all of you have a great weekend! Spread the happiness, everyone. Make someone smile today.

Yours truly,
Flowersofmoe and the FoS Staff

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Volume 06 Question 30
Question 30

Bowling King - Volume 20 Chapter 205   

Bowling King - Volume 20 Chapter 206   



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  • Renno V

    Very true… Hope the world can be more peaceful n more understanding toward each other. Thanks for the release!!!

  • vipo

    Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  • Kemm

    You have an error in BakaTest’s chapter. After Kudo Aiko introduces herself, Akihisa and Yuuji keep calling her “Kouta” (Mutsuriini’s name). It happens in page 26 panel 5 and page 30 panels 1 and 4 (and she introduces herself in page 26 panel 1).

    • flowersofmoe

      Hi! Could you explain a little bit more? I’m not familiar with the characters.

      • Kemm

        The short-haired girl that also appears in the title page introduces herself as “Kudo Aiko” (her name) in the second frame of the page with the filename “25 – Baka-to-Test-V06-C30-172.png”, but is addressed as “Kouta” (which is in fact the easily nosebleeding pervert ninja guy’s given name) in the last panel of the page with the filename “26 – Baka-to-Test-V06-C30-173.png” and in the first and last panels of the page with the filename “29 – Baka-to-Test-V06-C30-176.png”

  • Aria


    To quote Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks!, can’t we all just… get along?

  • Phimus

    Thanks for the new chapters of Bowling King!