We now have an IRC channel & Forgotten Scans Forum opens to the public

Friends and staff,

We have long sought a good alternative to our Chatango chatroom and we have decided that the future is with IRC.  IRC has a reputation for being a stable, secure platform that is flexible and allows for an incredible amount of customization.  However, that does not mean that we are closing our Chatango chatroom, rather, we will be keeping it for the foreseeable future.  Many staff enjoy the Chatango chatroom and there is no point in removing it at this time.  Therefore, IRC will, for now, be an alternative to the Chatango room for those who find IRC to be more convenient.  I should point out that IRC will be the home for the 2nd generation Kittybot which uses more advanced bot technology and offers more than the old Chatango Kittybot has been able to provide.  Our channel is #forgotten-scans on the irchighway network.

For the first time since access was restricted nearly a year ago, I am pleased to tell you that I have decided to open the forum to the public.  Naturally, some sections are member- and staff- only, but most of the forum will be viewable to everyone.  If you have a question you can now post in the Public Forum as a guest!  You do not need to make an account, all you have to do is give a guest name and ask your question :)   By opening the forum to the public our staff chatango chatroom will also be available to you, thus, you now can chat directly with any of our staff members.

Best regards,

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