Today’s Release: Full Ahead! Coco

Hey there, everybody! Happy Friday!
The weekend is here once again, and I’ve got a chapter for you guys, hot off the… presses… of Photoshop… or whatever. (it sounded better before I said it okay? >__< )

Below we’ve got chapter 74 of Full Ahead! Coco, which continues the story in volume 9.

On another note, some of you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some re-modeling around here. Specifically, we’ve adopted a new system for our project pages that looks better than before, and has a more streamlined back-end that will allow us to more easily and more quickly update those pages than before.

Along with this update, we also decided to set up a MEGA account to host direct downloads. This was initially sparked by MediaFire giving one of our editors a bit of trouble (That editor being me, VigorousJammer). The plan was initially to move all of the files from MediaFire to MEGA, however, in the end, we decided that we would keep both accounts and simply use MEGA as the primary account, with MediaFire acting as a mirror, as you can see from the multiple download links below.

We still ended up moving all of the files over to MEGA, and along with the move, came a great re-organizing. Our file names in the past have been somewhat disorganized and scatter-shot, but now that all of the file names have been standardized, it should be easier to keep things consistent, going forward.

However, re-naming the files isn’t the only bit of organizing that has been done. I’ve got some good news for those of you that use e-comic reading programs such as ComicRack or ComicBookLover, I’ve gone through all of our old files and added metadata to them all (aside from webcomics like Good Robot or Chaos Attack). Things such as original release dates, chapter titles, authors, artists, publishers, page ordering, and more are now all embedded into an .xml file within every release that we’ve ever put out. This makes organizing these files in your reader of choice much easier, and is just one small way we strive to bring you higher quality scanlation releases.

Hope you all enjoy today’s releases, as well as this new step forward for Forgotten-Scans.


Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 09 Chapter 74
Joint Struggle

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