Trapped in Origami

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Hey y’all,

… Forgive my attempt to come up with a punny and original title. Anyway, here’s another release! Woohoo! We seem to be back on track. Let’s hope that it stays that way. Anyway, we’re re-releasing chapters 1 and 2 of Origami Fighter due to a change in translators, and we have two new chapters of TRAP.

As usual, we’re recruiting! Learn more by clicking here. Don’t forget to visit our forum and chat with our staff. Also, leave a comment if you liked the release, and tell us what you want to read! No guarantees, though. You can also help by donating for our raws and our website.

Thanks to all the staff and readers! Have a great weekend, everybody!



T.R.A.P. - Volume 03 Chapter 28

Origami Fighter - Volume 01 Chapter 01
An Unknown Visitor

Origami Fighter - Volume 01 Chapter 02
Red Dragon

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