Website changes and other news~

The FoS-Scans website can definitely use some improvement, don’t you think? I’ve begun my campaign to do just that, and the first thing that I tackled was the Donation Page, located here (link).

I hope to tackle other pages such as…

  • the About Us page, which says practically nothing about the group aside from a very basic description
  • the Join Us page, which is kinda…boring and it only covers the directions to join and nothing else about the group itself
  • the Kittybot page, which is very old and outdated…
  • and the staff pages, which need some updating and improvement

In other news…

  • We hope to refresh parts of the website with new pictures… we can always hope, right?? ^_^
  • We are working to make more improvements to the Kitbot on IRC.  You can find our IRC details under “FoS Network Links” –> “Web IRC Chat” in the top menubar ^_^.  The Kitbot really can do a lot, but it’s still under development and so could be considered a very young little bot.  You can, however, pull up our release information with it:  simply say “kitbot fos_search [insert series name]” in our channel and it will return the most recent release for that particular series that you searched for :D
  • We have begun week 5 of our polls!  YuuMiik filled in for me this week and asked the question… what are your favorite genres of manga/anime?  Now I know that’s a very basic question, but hey, it’s really quite difficult to come up with a new poll every week!!!
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