Weekly poll, week 2!

Our first weekly poll was a success!

The question was… what is your favorite variety of cat?

There were 13 voters, with each person casting 1 vote.
The poll can be found here:  http://forgotten-scans.boards.net/thread/328/first-weekly-poll-favorite-variety

Each poll starts on Sunday (CST) and locks the following Sunday.

The results are as follows:

  • “All cats” won by 1 vote, with 3 votes total.
  • “Persian”, “Radioactive”, and “Undecided” all ranked 2nd place with 2 votes each.
  • “American Shorhair”, “Munchkin”, Siamese”, and “Russian Blue” all ranked last with 1 vote each.

The new poll for this week is “If you could go anywhere, where would you go?”, check it out here:  http://forgotten-scans.boards.net/thread/339/weekly-poll-week-2

In this poll, each person can cast up to 5 different votes!  (This will make things interesting ^_^).

Everyone is welcome to come vote!*


To vote, you will need to join the forum, but doing that is pretty easy.

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