Atashin’Chi, Black Dog, Hell Teacher Nube, and FAC

Atashin'Chi Volume 1 Cover

Full Ahead! Coco Volume 10 Cover

Black Dog Volume 3 Front Cover

Hell Teacher Nube Vol7 Cover

Hey everyone!  Today I am pleased to release several new chapters!  We have chapter 12 of Black Dog, chapter 70 of Hell Teacher Nube, chapter 85 of Full Ahead! Coco, and... to even my own surprise... chapter 12 of Atashin'Chi!  

Atashin'Chi was placed on indefinite hiatus a while back when we finally realized that the translator working on it probably wouldn't be returning anytime soon.  Then a few days ago I was contacted by one of my editors who expressed interest in translating it.  Captain Crunch and her friend Jien had actually already completed the translation for the chapter - she just wanted to ask that I bring it back from hiatus!  So here we are, after so long, releasing a chapter of a project that I thought would be on hiatus forever *_*.

For those of you who wonder what took us so long to release another chapter of Black Dog, I assure the reason isn't because we love to take random breaks for a month or two >_>.  The real reason is that one of our staff members took a vacation (and actually enjoyed the trip while taking a break from manga work like some of us fail to be able to do LOL).

I know what you are thinking...why does this group release so many chapters over the period of a few weeks but then enter into a cycle where releases are so devoid of variety?  I can only reason that this is simply the effect of staff in the group having cycles of productivity and non-productivity.  FoS does not hold back chapters for any sort of multi-chapter release.  Rather, chapters are "scheduled" for estimated release days that always lands on a Friday/Saturday time frame.  We cannot force any of our staff to work when they don't feel like it, so these normal cycles are just something that all of us have to cope with.  I am hopeful that over time things will even out, but because some steps of the process must be completed prior to other steps and because I am lenient with how long staff members have to take to complete their work, this situation is unavoidable in most cases.  However, on the bright side, FoS is in a cycle of consistently large releases... let's hope that it stays that way for a while :'D

About Baka to Test... I know that the project hasn't seen a release for months, but I am pleased to tell you that a new translator has been secured and that work is progressing well on the next chapter!  She is new to  translating, but I have confidence in her ability to continue work on this project where the past translator left off.  Thank you for your patience!

And now to the releases...

Atashinchi - Volume 01 No. 12   

Black Dog - Volume 03 Bark 12
Everyone Ain't the Same

Full Ahead! Coco - Volume 10 Chapter 85

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 09 Chapter 70
The Carrying Monster

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