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Click here if you have a DMCA request. Otherwise, to contact us, please post in our forum.

Most members check the forum regularly and will be happy to help you with whatever question you have! You don't have to make an account if you post in the public section of the forum. If you spam us we'll delete your posts ;)

How do I post in the public forum?

1. The link is:
2. Once there, look for the button in the middle - right - hand corner:

Screenshot - 2016_02_22 , 01_04_15 AM

3. Click the button named "Create Thread".
4. You will then be prompted with this box:

Screenshot - 2016_02_22 , 01_08_59 AM

  • Guest name: the name you will be called for the post in the thread. This isn't really a username - since you have no account, every time you post you'll have to put in this name.
  • Subject: the name of the thread you will create in the public forum.
  • You are then prompted for the content of your initial post. You may put whatever you want here, but you should be careful because we can edit your posts and/or delete them and ban you if we don't like what you post. But we are usually nice and never do that :)
  • If you need to share images, please use a site such as to upload images and then insert them into the post using the little icon that looks like a paintbrush.
  • After you are done you should then click "Create Thread" to post your message!
  • If you want, you can also say hi in the chatbox that's always at the top of the forum ;)

Please, before you post anything, check to see if you plan to do either of these and if you do please read them:

  • If you want to join our group, please don't send us an email to the address above, rather, please complete the application form here.
  • If you have a manga suggestion, please see this page first.
  • Want to comment?

    We’ve removed the comment section in favor of using our Discord chat so that all communication happens in one place. You don’t have to make an account to chat. To visit our Discord chatroom,
    click here.