Welcome to the Forgotten Scans Founder’s Page!
This page is dedicated to the people who created this
group one whole year ago, on October 5th, 2013!

First, we have the man who started it all out of boredom,

(insert profile picture here)

Along with…

(insert profile picture here)


and Selenium!

So, four people wouldn’t be enough to start
an entire group, right? So Mic reached out to his friend,


and got wonderful staffs to join in!
And some of them were…


and Aniv!

Thus, the four founding members, along with their help
from Izumi and her group, started their very first project!
That happened to be…


 And so, this was the start of Forgotten Scans.
It has been one full, amazing year since then, and all sorts
of new people joined! Like our very own fantabulous

RadioactiveKitty (retired~)

and Flowersofmoe!

These two, along with all our other staffs,
work hard behind the scenes to bring you your manga!

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