Forgotten Scans Network Privacy Policy

The Forgotten Scans Network Privacy Policy

Protecting privacy and safety is incredibly important to us!
This Privacy Policy explains:

  • What information Forgotten Scans collects from you (and why we collect it),
  • How we use and share that information,
  • The choices you have, including how to access, update and delete your information.

*Note:  The Forgotten Scans Network is often referred to as "the Network"*

The Network involves (but is not limited to!) the following websites:

  • Hosted by Forgotten Scans systems:
    • The Kitbot
    • The Kittybot
    • The Racbot
    • The Selebot
  • Not hosted by Forgotten Scans, but is still considered to be within the Forgotten Scans network:
    • Our online file sharing service
    • The IRC Channel that Forgotten Scans uses (#forgotten-scans @
    • The Chatango chatroom(s) in use by Forgotten Scans staff for Forgotten Scans purposes
    • That's about it, but keep in mind that this policy is open-ended when it involves so many places

Most parts of this policy apply to every part of the Network, however, closer to the bottom I explain in great detail the different components of the Network and how information is handled in each case.

I've done my best to write this policy to be clear and simple. I've also added a column on the right that provides short explanations of the legal language in plain English to help you understand the policy without the need of a lawyer, however, it isn’t legally binding.

Last updated: June 23rd, 2015.

You can view the Terms and Conditions of Use here: (link).

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information.


1.  Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.

1.  We'll explain to you why we need your information.


2.  We will collect and use of personal information solely with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.

2.  Unless we ask for your permission or have to by law, we'll stick to our policy of protecting your information.

3.  We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.

3.  We'll delete your information once your information is no longer needed.

4.  We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.

4.  We won't steal your personal information from you.

5.  Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

5.  We won't collect unnecessary data.

6.  We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

6.  We'll do our best to make sure the information stays safe.

7.  We will make readily available to visitors and staff information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.

7.  We'll be transparent about how we handle your personal information.

Here is how we would collect, store, and display your information

(if something's not listed here, details will be provided wherever that may be).

Because our network is so large, we have created several classes for
the various networks and methods for interacting with that network:

[Legend:  "A" = FoS-hosted systems,
"B" = Not hosted by FoS, but developed and manned by FoS staff for FoS purposes]

  1. Class 1:  Class 1 can be described as "passing through a major retail store but not buying anything":  You will be recorded on security cameras and people might remember that you were there, but otherwise you leave no significant trace.
    1. Though class 1 has no "real" interaction within the network, in sub-class "A" all activity occurs on our systems and your data will only reside on such systems.
      1. Example: surfing
    2. By accessing FoS-related systems through third-party hosts your surfing and presence will be recorded by those third-party systems and what that third party does with the records of your activity is out of our control. 
      1. Example: browsing the fos-scans forum or joining the #forgotten-scans channel on IRC Highway.
  2. Class 2:  Class 2 can be described as "passing through a major retail store and buying something":  You will not only be recorded on security cameras and remembered by people, your purchase (aka your activity) is now a permanent record on your credit card and in the merchant's computer systems.
    1. On FoS systems your activity will be part of our permanent records in addition to your browsing activity on our network.
      1. Example 1:  Leaving a comment on
      2. Example 2:  Using to send us feedback
    2. On our third-party hosts your activity will be both recorded by us and by the systems that provide the services.
      1. Example 1: Posting in the "public forum" on (no account needed)
      2. Example 2:  Posting a message in our Chatango chatbox or in our IRC channel.
      3. Example 3:  Posting something onto our Facebook page.
  3. Class 3:  Class 3 is only for FoS staff.  It can be described as "Joining the major retail store":  As an employee of that retail store far more comprehensive records now pile up on your identity and you have a significant amount of exposure among your new co-workers.
    1. On FoS systems...
      1. Your email, nickname, IP, and other data are recorded, etc.
    2. On Non-FoS systems...
      1. Such as
        1. Email, nick, IP, all forum activity
      2. Chatango
        1. Email, nick, IP, all chatango activity
      3. File-sharing services
        1. Email, nick, IP, the files you put on your personal file sharing account, your activity on the shared account
      4. Google Sheets
        1. I think you get the picture... xD 

Explanation of how certain information is collected, stored, and (possibly) distributed:

  • Things that apply to all parts of the Forgotten Scans Network
    • All FoS-hosted property does the following:
      • Logs for each individual that accesses the systems.
        • Logs are stored where only administrator-level staff may access them
        • Logs are only (usually) used when there is a problem with the system
        • In some cases some systems may use the logs for statistical purposes.  In such cases the statistics are not individual-based, but rather, "collective"-based so as to show trends in the data.
          • Why:  having proper logs is essential for proper system administration and they also provide important records of the actions of the user for safety and security purposes.
      • We do not (and never will) use ads or third-party tracking services on our network.  We used to have third-party trackers, but we have removed them in favor of more secure internal statistics devices.
      • Examples:
        • has some internal WordPress statistics services.
        • The online reader does not have ads and we often look at reader statistics to see how popular a manga is with the fans.
          • Why:  We need to have decent statistics to provide insight into the popularity of our releases and the activity of our fans and visitors.
    • All Non-FoS-hosted services do the following:
      • They have ads as well as an abundance of tracking services (with the exception of IRC Highway and (kinda/sorta)
      • They are totally out of our control, so we don't know what they may - or may not - be doing.
      • For chatrooms and forum use:
        • The bots in the chatrooms record everything everyone says and so please do be careful, because some of the bots there may not be merely bots operated by Forgotten Scans.  Additionally... users in IRC chatrooms may also log all chatting.  (This is not the case with chatango, although people certainly can screenshot or copy/paste the chat transcript.
  • Specific information about the disclosure of your information:
  • For our releases of publications such as manga
    • If you were a person that commented on one of our pages and if we displayed that comment in a release, the comment would only contain non-personally-identifiable information (basically just the comment itself without any name or IP address)
    • If you are a staff member, the name that you choose to put on the WPS for the position and chapter that you worked on will be placed in the credits page.
    • That's all I can think of for release-related information.
  • For
    • For staff members
      • The information that you send to FoS staff members for your staff profile will be placed on the site (if any) and that may include a photo and/or contact information if you specified such things.
      • You may be mentioned in releases, but nothing personal will be said about you unless you authorize it.
    • For surfers of the site who do not comment
      • Please see "things that apply to all parts of the Forgotten Scans Network".
    • If you are surfing the site and do comment
      • You decide what you want to whatever you say will be public ;)
      • We reserve the right to copy, redistribute, and save your comment.
      • We also reserve the right to edit the comment if needed or delete it entirely.
  • For For the FoS Reader (
    • The FoS reader doesn't have anything special about it as far as privacy concerned, see "things that apply to all parts of the Forgotten Scans Network" for details that will apply to the Reader as well.  Since releases are hosted here the "release section" as stated above does apply to the reader.
  • For the FoS Forum (
    • The forum is not hosted on the "" domain, it is hosted on the domain, so their policies also apply here.  
    • You decide what information you disclose on the forum, the forum is public so be careful.  If you trust your staff members you don't have to worry about posting more personal things in that section, since it isn't public.
      • Forum administrators have access to all of your activity on the forum, although that information isn't made public unless they do so for some reason (usually in cases such as vandalism, in which case they want to describe what happened).
  • For FoS Polls (
    • Polls...are an interesting section, to be sure.
    • If you submitted a poll:
      • The following information is collected:
        • Your IP
        • Your email address
        • Your nickname/username/or whatever you put as your name
        • Your poll selections, comments, etc, anything you submitted in your poll.
      • What we do with that information:
        • We analyze the results and use the information for the purpose that the poll said we would use it for.  We do not abuse the information that you sent us.
      • Do we make any poll information public?
        • No, not really, since the information is usually just your feedback about stuff.
          • Note: if the polls system is used for something entirely different than just regular feedback polls, such as project suggestions or staff applications, whatever we say about the confidentiality of that information will apply specifically  to that poll.
        • If you, for example, said "your group is amazing! thanks for your releases of [insert manga name]", we might publish that somewhere.
        • Otherwise we have no reason to make the information public.
      • Do staff members have access to the information?
        • Only administrators and users who need to have access to poll information have access to such information.
    • If you did not:
      • The "things that apply to all parts of the Forgotten Scans Network" applies, and that's it.
  • For the wiki (
    • The "things that apply to all parts of the Forgotten Scans Network" applies here, other than that the only thing I see applicable to the Wiki would be if you added a comment to it, in which case your comment and nickname will be publicly available.
  • For the chatango chatbox in the forum
    • Be careful with the chatbox.  We do our best to monitor it but we don't own that service and we do not know who might have access to all records of your activity on the service.  The chatbox is entirely open to the public so please do be careful!
  • For our IRC channel
    • The same applies here as to the chatango chatbox!  Don't trust anyone ;)
  • For the Kitbot
    • The Generation-2 bot, the "Kitbot", might store minor (really quite insignificant) records for you, such as your relative location (for use when calculating what time it is for a user), or if you use the Kitbot to store other preferences for your convenience.  Such information may be disclosed in the chatroom either accidentally or when you are using the bot.

We are committed to conducting our work in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.

How to access and update your information:

Most of the information we collect will be in one of two categories,
and thus that will define how you can access and update it:

  1. The information cannot be changed by you because it was merely collected and stored in accordance with our automated systems.  The information can only be altered by an administrator.
    1. Contact us if you want such information to be altered.
  2. The information is related to an account you created with us, either in one of the parts of our Network or in the course of working with us on something (such as if you are a staff member).
    1. Usually in such as case the only information that you can access and update will be...
      1. In our Google Sheets Work Progress Sheet (WPS)
        1. You can access, change, and update your information in the "Official Staff List" tab
        2. You can alter the staff name that you specified as you signed up for work in the WPS, if needed.
      2. In the forum
        1. You can access your profile in the forum and update the information there as needed.
      3. In your Google account, if you have one
        1. Please see their help files for more information on accessing and updating the information that Google has in your account
      4. In other services that do not have as much information available for you to access and change, such as...
        1. Disqus comments system, if you made an account with them.
        2. If you made an account with Chatango or IRC highway you can change your username, email, and password with them

How to delete your information:

  • Ask the administrator to erase all of the records that we have on you.
    • Mainly,  the forum account.  The erasure of that is surprisingly effective.
    • If you were a staff member we'll delete all emails of you and we'll delete you from our staff list.
      • might still be found in the staff list that predated the new Google Sheets staff list because that will have been "imaged" by the Internet Archive automatic website archival system.
    • If you chatted we might be able to delete all of the chat records that we collected on you.
  • If you were a staff member be sure to delete your file sharing/online storage account.
  • Delete or edit the comments that you may have left on our network and then delete the account that you may have created in order to place those comments.
  • Try to remove (or ask the admin to remove) anything you may have recorded into the Kitbot if you ever visited the IRC channel.
    •  You may also want to delete your IRC Highway account - if you made one
  • If you made a chatango account, delete that.
  • You might want to delete your Facebook and Gmail accounts.
  • Be sure to ask your ISP if your IP address can be changed.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, or if you would like to review your personal information, you can contact us by email at admin {@} fos-scans (.com)

  • Want to comment?

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