Never too Old for a Classic

Dear readers,

We’re happy to begin another year with you guys! This year, let’s make some realistic resolutions (yep, you heard me, *realistic*). For us, we’ve resolved to bringing you your favorite manga in a timely manner. To start off the year, you’re never too old for a classic, so we bring you another chapter of Doraemon! Even though the years pass, it’s still a great read! Enjoy!

Many thanks to Lumenox, SmilingEyes (from our friend AD), Gracie, and of course, the poor Flowersofmoe for working on today’s release!

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As always, stay awesome.

Release Rookie YuuMiiK and the FoS Staff

(and Poor Flo’s ghost)

Doraemon - Volume 13 Chapter 231
Riding Bows and Arrows to School

A Strike for the New Year’s!

Dear readers,

It’s New Years Eve, and another day for us to release! Today, we have a chapter of Bowling King! Hope you guys enjoy it!

A big thanks to kimikimi, Ayelinai, and Flowersofmoe for working on today’s release! You rock, guys!

Lastly, have a chat with us on our discord, or leave a post on our forum! Someone’s always on, so have a chat with us. We’re also in need of Proofreaders and Editors (Typesetters and Cleaners)! Anyone interested should check out our Join Us page! Anyways, hope you have a happy new year!

As always, enjoy life!

Release Rookie YuuMiiK and the FoS Staff

Bowling King - Volume 21 Chapter 213   

FoS has a Youtube Channel?!

Hey there, YuuMiiK here!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release today. Instead, there’s good news to be spread! Thanks to our Flowersofmoe, FoS will be reviving our Youtube Channel! We’ll be posting various tutorials, including stuff on cleaning and typesetting. If you have a request, or anything, come over to the channel, our discord or our forum and leave a message! That’s all for my announcement!

Once again, we’re still in need of staff! See our recruitment page for more information!

Have a great weekend everybody!


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