Let’s welcome Summer!!

Hello dear readers, FoS is releasing 8 new chapters for you today as a celebration for the upcoming Summer !

Firstly, we apologize for the lack of releases as most of us, including me, have been in exam season. You might’ve been too :3. Finally, we are unfortunately dropping Eden Game :( Yes, I know, we had it for a short while but we were unable to release it regularly. It really was a nice joint we had with Plumlizi. (you should check them out if you like novels ;p)

Thank you to all the staff who worked on them, you guys are awesome !

Please enjoy these chapters my dear readers: 2 Hell Teacher Nube, 1 Cursed Sword, 1 TRAP and 2 Eden Game



Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 10 Chapter 84

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 10 Chapter 85

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword - Volume 26 Chapter 99

T.R.A.P. - Volume 06 Chapter 49

Eden Game - Volume 01 Chapter 08
Noya VS. Yinan

Eden Game - Volume 01 Chapter 09
Gaming Club

New Series!!

Dear readers, we have picked up a new series called *drum rolls*… “Eden Game.” It is a joint with Plumlizi. Be sure to check them out if you are interested in Novels. We picked it up at Chapter 7, for more info please refer to the projects tab. We have also revived Black Dog!!! Chapter 19 of BD is now available as well as chapter 83 of Hell Teacher Nube. Huge thank you to all the staff who poured their blood, sweat and tears into this. Also, Flowersofmoe quality checked these chapters ^_^ Thank you so much for taking time off to do this, we really appreciate it. Exams are around the corner for me and a few staff members. Please understand if releases are slow as we have to prepare for these examinations. Good luck to all those doing exams!

Sincerely, a tired Gracie

Black Dog - Volume 05 Bark 19
On The Record

Eden Game - Volume 01 Chapter 07
Heartbeat Frenzy

Hell Teacher Nube - Volume 10 Chapter 83
Is She A Nopperabou?

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