A Song for Saturday

Dear readers!

Happy Saturday! We wish that we could have released this on our usual Friday, but we had some personal issues. Well, today you’re in for a treat! We’re releasing four chapters: Mathematical Girls – Fermat’s Last Theorem, Song of the Doll (a new joint with our friends at MRS), TRAP, and Hakaiou Noritaka. Enjoy today’s chapters. Note that today’s chapter of TRAP is a re-release due to some mistakes.

As always, we’re recruiting! Check out our recruitment page here. We especially need translators. Don’t forget to stop by the forum and chat with the staff, and leave a comment if you liked the release!

A huge thanks to all the staff (and there were a lot) who worked on these chapters today! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Yours Truly,

A sleep-deprived Flowersofmoe and the rest of the FoS Staff

Hakaiou Noritaka! - Volume 09 Chapter 73
The Training of Lassie?!

Song of the Doll - Volume 04 Chapter 16
The 11th Night

Mathematical Girls - Fermat's Last Theorem - Volume 01 Chapter 06   

T.R.A.P. - Volume 05 Chapter 39
Full Throttle

The Price of Love

Hello Readers!

It’s nice to see you guys again! We have three new chapters today, but before we get to those, some announcements.

First of all, we’re recruiting! Check out this page to learn how to join us. We especially need cleaners and translators,

Song of the Doll is now an active joint between us, Misty Rain Scans, and Sweet Indulgent. Look forward to its release in a couple of weeks.

Finally, we’re sad to say that we will be dropping Renchi na Himoto after we finish releasing the first volume. If anyone is interested in translating it and can provide raws, we can continue to scanlate after Volume 1.

And now onto the chapters! We have two chapters of Doraemon and one chapter of Origami Fighter.

As always, don’t forget to stop by the forum, chat with us, and leave a message if you liked the release!

A huge thanks to Noobcw, Ayelinai, Genxlegacy, Fishiiie, Nessacarl, Yan, Tarakuta, and of course, our wonderful release administrator Harllama for working on this week’s releases. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Yours Truly,
Flowersofmoe and the FoS Staff

Doraemon - Volume 12 Chapter 219
Umbrella of Love

Doraemon - Volume 12 Chapter 220   

Origami Fighter - Volume 02 Chapter 05
The Price of Transformation

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