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Why would we need money?

It costs money to run this group.  We break expenses into two categories:
Website/hosting/technical expenses and RAW/translation/conversion expenses

———-Website/Hosting/Technical Expenses———-

What we have purchased so far:

  • So far Radioactivekitty (the admin) has paid for the initial cost of the website ($50, see in the donations list below) as well as 3 years of hosting ($380, see below).  Since the website is paid for for 3 years it will be up to him whether or not any donations go to compensate him for this tremendous expense.
  • Radioactivekitty has also paid out about $17 for bot hosting on Heroku for the group’s bot, the Kittybot, to operate on our IRC channel.  This is a minor expense, however, it is monthly, and he is looking into some way to host it for free or at a lesser cost.

———-RAW/Translation/Conversion Expenses———-

  • January
    • $50 for Black Dog
    • $60 for some more Black Dog
  • March
    • $17 for one Kochikame VHS tape from Japan

We want to purchase about $230 for VHS conversion equipment to dramatically
improve the quality of the Kochikame conversion to a digital format.  These items are:

  • A USB 3.0 Video Capture Device, link here
  • A Video Scaling Device, link here

(We’ll only put money into the Kochikame fund if you ask us to.)

———-Those who have donated———-

  • 2014
    • March
      • $5 (after PayPal’s deduction, $4.71)
    • May
      • $50 for the new server, paid by Radioactivekitty
    • June
      • $1 (after PayPal’s deduction, $0.68)
  • 2015
    • March
      • $380 to pay for 3 years of hosting, paid by Radioactivekitty
      • Tarakuta:  $50 (after PayPal’s deduction, $47.90) (This is currently our only reserve cash for emergencies).



Thank you very much to those who have donated!!
Without your support Forgotten Scans would
not be what it has become today.

To those who are considering giving us a donation,
know that we appreciate it no matter how large or small it is.

Instructions for donating to Forgotten Scans, please read carefully:

  1. If you are donating via a currency other than USD, PayPal will calculate the conversion rate.
  2. PayPal will always deduct a small fee once it deposits the money into our account.
  3. Only the Administrator has access to the account and once you donate the Admin decides what to do with the money (others will if there is an emergency and the admin cannot be contacted).
    1. The current Admin, Flowersofmoe, has the following moral policy:
      1. If the person who donates specifies what the donation should be used for, I will do my best to fulfill that request.
      2. If there is no note that says anything about this I will keep the money in the PayPal account until it is needed.
      3. I do not deduct personal expenses from this account.
  4. As stated above, please leave a note if you have a special request.
    1. Also if you don’t want your username to be stated in the donation list please add that in your note :)
  5. Ready? Please click the “donate” button below.

Thank you.



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