Never too Old for a Classic

Dear readers,

We’re happy to begin another year with you guys! This year, let’s make some realistic resolutions (yep, you heard me, *realistic*). For us, we’ve resolved to bringing you your favorite manga in a timely manner. To start off the year, you’re never too old for a classic, so we bring you another chapter of Doraemon! Even though the years pass, it’s still a great read! Enjoy!

Many thanks to Lumenox, SmilingEyes (from our friend AD), Gracie, and of course, the poor Flowersofmoe for working on today’s release!

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As always, stay awesome.

Release Rookie YuuMiiK and the FoS Staff

(and Poor Flo’s ghost)

Doraemon - Volume 13 Chapter 231
Riding Bows and Arrows to School

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